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-- Friday 257: Social Distancing Friday - Chapter 3

Posted by Swamper on Mar-28-2020 15:43:

Friday 257: Social Distancing Friday - Chapter 3

We're distancing so much that this thread is 1 day late!!

What say you, whilst sheltering-in-place (or galavanting off-grid and accessing TA via your laptop fueled by solar power) ?

Posted by Zoso on Mar-28-2020 15:49:

In all honesty, we (my wife and I) need to be much more restrictive. This shit would truly, more than likely, kill her.

Even leaving essential stuff open (e.g., pharmacy, grocery, etc.) leaves a funnel/bottle neck where nearly EVERYONE has to visit at some point, so the risk remains and is very real. I dreamed about this stuff all night...that it was all over the place locally, etc. Not a restful evening.

Posted by Boomer187 on Mar-28-2020 17:19:

I live streamed on FB and man do they get cranky when they recognize a tune. Stream was flagged a few times by Sony and BMG and they muted it in different countries. Was fun playing records though.

Posted by Dykes_on_Jay on Mar-28-2020 17:52:

Potent thc spray and listerine

Posted by wotyzoid on Mar-28-2020 21:26:

I tried streaming on instagram once and same thing happened.

Posted by ziptnf on Mar-30-2020 12:28:

Yeah that's why I have all the "technical faff", as Jack puts it, to get around using a major streaming service and stream direct to a server that doesn't have the copyright vulture looming overhead. My method in the TA DJ thread is a bit of a pain in the ass to set up but it worked for me (at least it did a couple years ago).

Posted by Boomer187 on Mar-30-2020 13:03:

but i have more people that would tune in for 3 minutes on the major sites.

Posted by ziptnf on Mar-30-2020 14:24:

That should be just enough time for a solid Jesus pose.

In all seriousness, it does seem like you have the choice between a less accessible method where you can stream whatever you want, and the more accessible method that can range from requiring payment to the vast array of copyright roadblocks that can shut down the stream. I haven't streamed in a couple years and nobody ever listens to my shit anyway so what do I know

Posted by Dykes_on_Jay on Mar-30-2020 15:55:

Went to the post office in my pajamas.

Posted by Zoso on Mar-30-2020 18:30:

Originally posted by Dykes_on_Jay
Went to the post office in my pajamas.

Hey, at least you put something on, amirite!

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