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Posted by Swamper on Apr-02-2012 01:06:

Talking - Microlending Site -- Join the TranceAddict team and support those in need

Hey everyone,

A few years ago I started lending $ through -- at first I was skeptical about the whole thing but after I did my research, and now from years of being active on it, I see it as a great idea. For the record, I was only stiffed on 1 loan out of dozens so that's a good track record. I prefer 'charity' of this nature rather than donating to some cause and having 80% eaten up in 'Admin' fees.

Here's my personal profile page -- LINK

TranceAddict team -- LINK

Watch the video to get an idea of what it's about :

LINK to join --

Thanks peeps.

Posted by OrangestO on Apr-02-2012 03:09:

Yea right yo. Pedro's taking your money to buy coke and flipping it at zero interest.

Posted by Lira on Apr-02-2012 03:27:

I love the concept! I'm in!

By the way, can't we say we loan because "We believe in PLUR"? And say it stands for "Payments Lead Ur Revolution" or something corny like this? You know, just to make it more like TA?

Posted by LAdazeNYnights on Apr-02-2012 04:44:

We spent some time discussing this in my development econ class. Some bangladeshi dude won a nobel prize for it a few years back. Great stuff

Posted by Boomer187 on Apr-03-2012 01:11:

*types into browser*


Posted by neo geo on Aug-06-2012 00:31:

now lets tell the real store. Pedro's cow dies and he decides "fuck this" and crosses the border into the United States. He then gets a job being paid cash and calls home to his family and tell them all to come join him. He immediately gets his wife pregnant and then tells the government he must stay because his child in and American citizen. Then he marches down to the welfare office and gets our tax dollars to pay for his family while he is paid cash at his job and pays no taxes. Then pedro and his family complain that we are all racist when we try to deport him and his family and then hire la raza to sue our government. So sorry but Pedro can keep his coffee because we all know he is growing coca leaves and not coffee.

Posted by Intellekshual on Sep-01-2012 23:47:

What a noble, beautiful thing.

Posted by Lagrangian on Jul-20-2013 14:38:

This week I was reading about children in Nicaragua. Really inspired me to give back.
I wonder if there is a way I can help anonymously, via bitcoin or something.

Posted by MikeRotunda on Jul-20-2013 17:11:

well arent you just modest marvin fyi that kind of donation isnt tax deductible

Posted by Lagrangian on Jul-21-2013 01:02:


Posted by VAR on Dec-16-2013 14:27:

Posted by Swamper on Sep-11-2014 20:10:

Judging from these figures for 2014, those of you that are Kiva members likely have $$ sitting in your account that you can either withdraw or re-lend

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