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Ferry Corsten vs DJ Lemon - Live at BaiaBeach 05-16-01
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Dj Slim
Has anyone got another set of live at baia beach 05-16-2001? i got the one in the forums that everyone is getting the tracklisting for and he doesnt play faitless "we come one" and it lasts 88 minutes,so which one has traanceaddict got? did he play 2 sets on the same night or what??
Well I think the file is broken or something, cause I can only hear a ed up sound! Can anyone help me?:( :(
Wlcked Red
Originally posted by Rudy
Well I think the file is broken or something, cause I can only hear a ed up sound! Can anyone help me?:( :(

Mine did that too

Download Uncook 95 here and use it to fix the file - it works :)
The set Ferry Corsten played in the main hall is the one you can find at but this one is the one he and DJ Lemon played back 2 back backstage, when the official party was over. They had an audience of about 8 people or so!! I believe that the reason the radio broadcastet it is because the party was set to last from 22:00 til 06:00, but they had to close the doors at 3:30, so the radio channel NRK mP3 needed something to broadcast the remaining 2,5 hours. They shut the place down so goddamn early because they had applied for an extended closure (at 6:00), but Oslo commune or government or whatever were (and are) so ing slow that they didn't finish treating it!! Never trust anyone that works for, in or with the government in Norway! NEVER!!
I downloaded it now and it plays just fine? Weird.
Great live set...but sound quality isn't that good
Dr Mystical
I've finished downloading (i'm on 70% right now) but the quality is fine and the set is great!!

I've also downloaded the first 5% of the version on technodron, but that version was ed up. If you use Uncook the mp3 file becomes playable, but the quality still sucks. Maybe if done something wrong, but I don't think so.

Keep up the good work!
anyone have the playlist yet ?
hey i have one question about this set... is this differnt from the one on technodron or whatever site it is called?? i wanna make sure before i download something i already have.. thanks you guys..

a lot of thanks to swamper and the others that are keeping trance addict alive.. thanks you guys for bringing the best there is

Dr Mystical
Yes this set is different from the one on Technodron.
r e z
so its completely different from the one @ technodron..

the file at technodron was corrupted and needed mp3uncook to fix it
after using uncook i felt it had lost mass amounts of sound quality

ahh well i'll download tranceaddicts set and see for myself

and if it is different.. you guys should really hear the set from technodron.. its so madddd specially the rumoured 'new track' from system F which turned out to be needlejuice anyway :D
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