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Looking for good emotional trance tunes. Got any suggestions?
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Im gonna buy some 12" vinyls. But I need some tips of good trance tunes.
My favorite style of trance is emotional and harmonic. So Im in search of
powerful trance tunes with much emotions and harmonics that builds on and with nice strings and breakdowns.
I dont like banging trance that just goes "boom,boom,boom"
Theres gotta be some emotions to it. You guys who listens to this type of trance should know what i mean with "emotional". Tracks that take you away
on a trip, where you dream you away.

Some examples like "Solar Stone - Seven cities" , "Kamaya painters - Far from over" , "3 drives on a vinyl - Greece 2000".

Can you give suggestions of good emotional trance tunes? Both old and new. That would help me.


stuff on the same label Hooj

Lost Tribe - Gamemaster
Katcha - Touched by God
Salt Tank - Dimension

Salt Tank - Eugina
Insigma - Open Your Eyes
Airscape - L'esperanza
Tony Walker - Field of Joy
Tomski - Love Will Come (AIrscape Mix)
Ian van Dahl - Castles in the Sky
Dutchforce - Deadline
I'll recommend these amazing tunes ;)

Photon Project - Illumination
Airwave - Innerspace
Coast 2 Coast - Home
Moonman - Galaxia (Solar Stone Remix)
The Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (En Motion Remix)
Yahel - Open Your Mind (Magical Remake)
Dawnseekers - Gothic Dream
4 Strings - Daytime
ahh yea!
loop control - reflections
loop control - exceptionally beautiful (on ITWT)
Lovechild - in my dreams
neo cortex - prepare
airfire - my generation
Rank 1 - Airwave (of course)!
Veracocha-carte blanche
ayla-ayla(veracocha remix)
hope-on the border(schiller remix)
johan gielen-beauty of silence
delerium-silence(airscape or tiesto remix)
cygnus x-superstrings(rank1 remix)
lange-i believe
well my favorite:

the quest - c sharp
dj tiesto - sparkels (transa mix)
yahel - voyage/inteligent life/israeli dreams
crw - i feel love (all the mixes)
veracoocha - carte blanch (one of the best i think)
orion - eternity ( darren tate mix - the bbbeesstttt!!!)
pvd - for an angel
kay cee - escape (old but steel great)
johan gielen - velvet mood
major league - wonder
push - strange world
rank 1 - airwave
cygnus x - superstring
cosmicman - i love (1.4 new version)
william orbit - barber's adagio for strings (ferry corsten mix - this one make me cry... :) )
tony walker - field of joy
justin K $ dj K - northern lights
frank-E & mard-L - song of the holy man
taskforce - touch me (thrillseekers mix)
gouryella - gouryella / tenshi(transa mix)
vimana - we came
subtle by design - sirius (tiesto mix)
chakra - home (5 am rmx)

well those the one i can think about them...
good luck!


Delerium - Innocente ( Lost Witness Remix )
Lost Witness - Happiness Happening ( Lange Remix )
Agnelli & Nelson - Everyday ( Lange Remix )
Aurora - Hear you Calling
Jan Johnston - Flesh
Lucid - Out There
Mothers Pride - Learning to Fly
Orbital - Halycon & on & on
Origin - Refined Intricacy ( Voyager Remix )
Raven Maize - The Real Life
Rythum of Life - You put me in Heaven with your touch

to name but a few :)
damn..most of em are already mentioned that do it for me too. but a few more:

yahel & eyan barken - voyage (dj tiesto magikal remake)
push - universal nation
vincent de moor - shamu (avb mix)
aria - dido (avb's universal religion remix)
photon project - enlightenment
vincent de moor - sunflowers
vincent de moor - eternity (peter luts remix)
alibi - eternity (innercity mix)
extreme trax - final fantasy
airwave - save me
bt - mercury & solace
ayla - angelfalls (elemental force remix)
robert miles - children
robert miles - princess of light
cosmicman - i love you (v1.4 new version)
gouryella - tenshi (transa remix)
dj tiesto - sparkles (transa remix)
jose amnesia - the eternal
M.I.K.E. - someone somewhere

that's about all i can think of for now...all the trackz really take me somewhere....mmm....
WOW.. indeed.. most are mentioned.. but I'll do this anyways

Paul van Dyk -- For an angel
Chakra -- Love Shines through
Agnelli and Nelson --- Everyday
Jose Amnesia -- The eternal ( i know.. its named allready )
Absolom -- The Air
Amoebassassin -- Piledrive !?!?!
Sasha -- Xpander
Energy 52 -- Cafe del Mar
MAtt Daret ft. MArcella Woods -- Beautifull
Hurley and Todd -- sandstorm
Blockster -- Grooveline ( matt darey mix )
AYLA <<< all the tunes I know are the type you want..
Hidden Sound System -- I know
Liquid Child -- Diving Faces
Liquid Child -- Return of Atlantis
Gouryella -- Walhalla
GOuryella -- Tenshi
Magica -- Magica
CosmicMan -- I love u
oh and who can forget kai tracid - liquid skies and kamaya painters - wasteland and pvd - another way. those 3 are really great when it comes to memories and emotions.

lets not forget dj sunset - final lovesong...thats something else when it comes to emotional
En motion-truth and yahel- voyage really get to me! they give me goose bumps!!
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