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What do you find frustrating about discovering new music?
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I think discovering new music is one of the most important parts of being a successful DJ mainly because the music we find is the main ingredient of what we use to build a hopefully engaging and exciting journey in our sets.

Finding that gem of a track is exciting and we all enjoy playing it out and sharing it with our audience. The tracks we find along with the programming and how we mix them together is what can make each of us unique as DJs.

I think I'm probably right in that most of us want to find those gems first. I suspect even though we all have our favorite places to get our music and our own unique ways of finding it we probably all have similar frustrations such as the sheer amount there is out there each week to sift through.

What do you find frustrating or what do you think would make it easier for you to find music and help you create your own style?
This wouldn't have anything to do with the app you're trying to sell, would it?
Hi Mr.Mystery!

I'm trying to gain some insight into what people find frustrating about finding new music so I can make improvements to the free versions of the app which will hopefully alleviate those frustrations.

There's no sinister motivation here simply a desire to improve the app so it becomes more useful for everyone.
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