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Help about Trance Arp
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Dj Goran
Hope someone can help me achieve this arp, or give me any advice, how to get this sound, at the very beginning of this track, by Sean Tyas. I have a little experience in Image Line Fl Studio.
I am deep in love with this arp, but have no idea how to play it.

Thank you all nice people.
Dj Goran
please, any link, for the arp, and the supersaw
I want to play the same, if possible
some tutorial, or web page ?
Just like Zak said, its a standard supersaw. There is a lot of tutorials on YouTube on how to create that sound, even with a generator as simple as 3xOsc. I could send you a preset, but if I do that you won't learn anything. The pattern itself you could also easily do yourself. Listen to the ARP and copy what you hear into the piano roll.
Bass arp should look something like this. I believe the bass has a delay effect with a 1/8 delay time.

The lead should look like this, also with 1/8 delay. Move the lower notes one octave down to sound more like the specific example you posted.
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