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Traktor DJ pro 2-please help!
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Hi Guys,

I use Traktor DJ pro for mixing and most of the time beatgrid option aligns the grid perfectly on the beat but on rare occasions when I set certain tracks the beatgrid would be out of time,if I set the beatgrid on the very 1st beat of the track the grid would drift quite a bit out of beat. The problem ive when I try to align it using "wider" & "narrower" tools in the beatgrid it actually moves the actual beat grid itself, so I really struggle to perfectly beat grid the whole track. For examply, (2004) Rapid Eye - Santa Cruz (R.E. Mix) is not possible to beat grid, has anyone had any trouble with beat griding certain tracks? What is the solution? What does it happen?

Cheers guys
Not to be facetious but how about just cueing up the track on the first beat and matching the pitches by hand. That's kinda the point.

grids are not perfect, which is why you still need to know what to do when the sync button aint wokring.
Innocence Lost
Like Rann said, do it by hand.
you dont have to do it by hand.

the memory is not being allocated efficiently, it should show a disparaging bpm number, that doesn't match the records you want to mix them with, but you know they are mixeable right? so, yeah, scroll through the entire clip, try fixing the tempo on the other song and find a loop you can transition to.

Restart Traktor.
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