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Xone 23c
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Innocence Lost
has anyone tried it? I love this mixer, it feels more intuitive than the 42 even tho its digital and half the channels and price. Its has a digital soundcard in it so it can be used with DVS only mixvibes cross tho.

I yet to see an English tutorial on how to route the channels inside the mixer for DVS timecode functionality. I saw a euro one and it took 2 seconds (literally)

I'm sure with that traktor hack it can be used also with NI.

Anyhow just using the audio10 with the mixer it self feels righteous.

The channel faders are smooth and slow like not quick. I think it has a built in innofader. Full kill EQ and Lovely filter high pass and low pass sections plus notch.

Its basically 2+2 mixer with plenty of inputs and outputs.

The only downside that it doesn't come with mixvibes cross time code vinyl, you have to buy that separately for 129.00

So its basically 529.00 total with cross dvs

The competition which is a Z2 is going for around 600$ hmm.

Anyway after looking at the manual it says to use a service technician in order to mod for time code control ( 2 seconds) after opening the mixer, just re plug and screw and your done. I want to do it myself and instead of wasting gas and going all the way down to Miami.

Edit: Finally did it myself after watching this vid, I had no idea what he's saying, I just copied what I saw LOL.

I tried and mixvibes and outta the two vibes has a better interface but I like MIXXX'S sound engine. Now I realize traktor is just the beginning :)
Nice for sharing.

I have to say, I think A&H have nailed it in terms of layout and a sensible number (not too much or little) function list.

I don't think it's an innofader in there but A&H have always made great faders so there's no worries there.

The bit I don't get is that it comes with Mixvibes Cross software, but then you have to buy the timecode vinyl - which at $129 is a ing pisstake, but then again you're really buying a software license with some free vinyl.

But again, that's why it sucks if you have to buy the $20 worth of vinyl and software for $129 when the software already comes with the mixer.

I'll have to watch the mod vid to see what that is all about.

The bit I'm really interested in is whether the mixvibes timecode has that loud 1k tone - if not, you just made my day :)
Innocence Lost
Its a beautiful mixer Rann. The mixer comes with cross LE (2 harnesses to route the mixer) and I think you buy time code vinyl for 20 bucks and your set but i'm not entirely sure. Funny thing is that I ran dvs app and used a traktor time code vinyl and a serato one at the same time, it was awesome lol.

Mixvibess interface gui is very simple like serato and totally skinable.

It sucks that it makes that sine tone in the background, if you stand next to who ever is mixing, you can hear it. But that doesn't worry me to much.

Def best Mixer I ever used hands down imo. I'm def going to get the innofader in the future.
Yeah, that's the question; if the mixvibes vinyl makes the audible (and ing loud) tone. If so, then it's just the same as all the rest which sucks.

Reason being, I often want to mix at lower volumes and the tone just drives me nuts. It's only really at high volume playback that it drowns the tone.

I may go to a GC and see if they have the mixvibes one....
Innocence Lost
If I were you I'd stay away from mixvibes, it has the loudest tone. Curious, how come you like to mix at low levels, when I play I like to jam out.
Just sometimes I want to play lower (not good for the ears to bang it out all the time), or if the missus is on the phone and I can mix for a little while etc. The tone just drives me crazy, even when I'm playing loud, I can still hear it.

I was getting to the point I was going to ask some super geeks I know to help me engineer a new system that used an alternative, non-tonal data stream instead.
Innocence Lost
Yeah I understand, I thought it was a residential neighbor thing. :)
Innocence Lost
The23c is digital. Don't you want Analog?
Innocence Lost
The 23 is analog. The 23c doesn't work with traktor even with the hack.
Innocence Lost
There are so many mixers to choose from, get vestax.

Innocence Lost
Thats to badd, used, new hardly will make a difference.
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