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Youtube Tutorials. Tips on what is worth watching.
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This is for all you DJ's and producers out there.
You are all aware of the million DJ and producer Tutorials Youtube has to offer. But what videos are worth watching?
Well I made the following video playlist for DJ's and producers that I found where worth watching. These playlist will continue to grow when ever I discover a new video.

Perhaps you have curtain Tutorials that you think are worth watching or perhaps you have your own playlist. Then please share them here. I will check them out. (When I can and if I like them I will ad them to my playlist)

You can find the following playlist on my channel.

Studio - Software Tutorials

Studio - Software Ads & Reviews

Studio - DJ & Studio Hardware

Studio - Ableton Tutorials

In the Studio with Famous Producers

Native Instruments - Live Performance

Digital DJ - Tutorials

I hope I made people happy with these tutorials.
Thanks for the post.
Originally posted by miamitranceman
Thanks for the post.

Your welcome. :)

If you have any questions about music production. Then I will answer them if I can. Just consider this the Rjen help hotline. :)
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