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DJM 350 mixer question
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I am looking at buying a DJM 350 mixer due to the ability to record. For those that have used the mixer to record, how would you rate the sound quality? I would be using it to record vinyl. With my current mixer, I current use a cable from the receiver to a computer and use audacity to record and the quality is not great. Essentially, is the recording quality worth buying the mixer? Any comments are greatly appreciated.
I'm confused as to what you're saying.

So right now the problem is that you come out of your current mixer, in to your hifi receiver, then out from there in to the computer?

Do you want to buy the mixer to use one of the master outputs to go in to your computer?

If you're having issues with sound quality, it could be any one of several factors:

1, Your existing mixer has poor quality output
2, Your gain staging might not be right resulting in raising the noise floor too much to get a good level recording thus bad sounding recording.
3, Your receiver might be the issue (poor quality output etc)
4, Your computers built in soundcard might be the problem.

It's really difficult to identify which one(s) is/are causing the problem without more info.

List the equipment you currently have and I'll be able to trouble shoot it for you.

The DJM350 isn't great sound wise - it's OK to use for a very basic setup but there's better sound quality mixers out there for the money, but it could still be a step up depending on what your current setup is.

Let me know!
Thanks for the reply - I sent you a PM with further details
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