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VXT 6s setup question (bedroom producer)
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Hi Guys,

I recently purchased some VXT 6s and am wondering if anyone can help me with what I should be setting my LF and HF settings on.

My VXTs are not in the best location of a room to be honest, close to a wall and corners. Unfortunately, I rent so I cannot accommodate changing that arrangement for the moment.

I have set my LF to HALF currently and my HF to normal.

Should this be any different?

Also would acoustic foam help me out? I haven't got any at the moment. If you can suggest a good site to purchase some cheaply would be appreciated.

I found some on EBAY for around $40 AUD.
The best way to set up any KRK speakers is to carefully open the box and remove the speakers from their packaging. You may want to do the next step outside as you get to hear them better during initial setup without walls and such creating unwanted reflections etc.

After this, get some lighterfuel or something combustable (butane works well but I've had even better results with Thermite) and liberally apply to the casing, not fogetting the cones and tweeters.

Then take a match, or lighter and ignite the KRK's starting with with the cones.

The resulting noise of crackling plastic and poorly veneered woodchip will actually be the best sounds that will ever come from those monitors.

Hope this helps :)
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