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Recording Issues
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I know this has been covered at times but the search function is currently disabled.

I have a new laptop on which I am trying to record mixes from my DJM 3000
I am getting no sound recording whatsoever.
Tried all the usual.....control panel, devices, update drivers etc but nothing!

As it is something I have never had issues with before, I would be grateful if any of you guys could assist or advise just incase I have missed something stupid (Which I probably have)

Phono cables have been from the master and rec out to 3.5mm jack on laptop.
Using Wavepad.

Thanks in advance.
Would this work?
Originally posted by clay
seems so. however i have no idea about its quality. are you sure your computer only have headphone out/line out? no mic/line input as well?

It has one other input for line / mic

Unfortunately, this is where the sound distorts.
I had a desktop previously and never had this issue,

The phono should be going from my master out on mixer yeah?
Have went into recording devices and changed line in to default device......nothing records.

It is only when mircophone is selected that anything records and irs distorted to !
Originally posted by clay
does it look something like this?

It does indeed.

The problem appears to me that my line in jack is configured to a blue jack supposedly at the rear of laptop...... which I don't have.

I believe I need to 'remap' the pink jack (mic in) to be line in.
Not something I am aware how to do.
I use master out on Pioneer DJM 3000
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