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Gatecrasher Resident Transmission. Out 21st Oct
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Disc: 1 - Scott Bond
1. Walls Of Jericho - Head Honcho
2. Train Station - Vespa 63
3. Comet Crash Test - Innergy
4. Transformation (Push Trancendential Vocal Mix) - Push Vs Globe
5. Sahara - Euphonic
6. Magic Impulse - Exposure
7. Dark Sweet Piano (Frank Trax Vs Organ Remix) - Dark Suite Feat Aura
8. Answer The Question - Svenson & Gielen
9. Drunk In Chicago (Dark Dub Mix) - Methods Of Mayhem
10. Will You Remember Me? - Dj Atmospherik
11. And Then They Start To Dance (Jam X & De Leons Dumonde Mix) - Dj Snowman
12. Atlanta 02.02.02 - Marco V

Disc: 2 - Matt Hardwick
1. Broken (Way Out West Mix) - Lustral
2. Cloudwalking (Beat Pusher Remix) - Pulser
3. Rococco - Kansai
4. Summer Calling (Josh Gabriel Mix) - Andain
5. Time To Die (Seraque Mix) - Nitromethane
6. Im Alone (Ronski Speed Mix) - Sun Decade
7. San Antonia - Fire & Ice
8. Sunspot (Dcml Mix) - Airwave Vs Rising Star (X-Hale will not be pleased )
9. Someone (Vocal Mix) - Neo & Farina
10. Sky Falls Down (Armin Van Buuren Mix) - Oceanlab Feat. Justine Suissa
11. Melody - Lolo
12. Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix) - Chicane

Disc: 3 - Eddie Halliwell
1. Star Point - Marco Bailey
2. Silver Bath - Plastic Boy
3. Second Wave - Signum
4. Caf Del Mar (Marco V Remix) - Energy 52
5. Turbulence - Frank Biazzi
6. Play With Me (Bellfire Mix) - Boca
7. The Awakening (Cosmic Gate Remix) - Rank 1
8. Follow Me (Derb Remix) - Space Frog
9. All Systems Go (Systems Mix) - Planet K
10. Reincarnations (Jam X & De Leons Dumonde Mix) - Steve Morley

Thats the tracklist. Looks pretty good. No stupid bonus chillout CD. Just pure bouncy trance fun !
Costa del Sol
is this a mixed CD?
wow the matt hardwick one looks very decent! lots of good and a few unreleased (roccoco, cloudwalking, summer calling) superb tracks on it!
really nice one........a lot of fresh and good tracks!
yep looks really good, Hardwick is ing mint, imo best DJ in UK, its worth buying just for his cd
yes looks very nice too. i thought the ones with the chill cds were kinda a waste of time. but this looks like a killer
Matt Hardwick's cd has some nice stuff on there, cant wait!
looks like an absoloutely stonking cd.cant wait to get last an eddie halliwell mix cd (other than the mixmag one).
wow! a gatecrasher cd actually worth purchasing since the global sound system cd!!!!

i still say you cant beat the older ones. wet and global sound system rock! recent ones have proven to be rather dire
Looks really good IMO, alot of decent tunes on all CD's :)

the third cd looks pretty crappy...following with the hard crap that has destroyed the last three comps, but scottie matt... looks like they are top notch as usual. gatecrasher is the best club...period.
9. Someone (Vocal Mix) - Neo & Farina

Hehe, i heard one of these producers is a right ole git

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