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Pioneer CDJ200
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I have a set of old CDJ200 and they still works fine, however in the last month I've noticed that the tempo "jumps" a little it's like if they don't detect the beat as it should. I play with CD Audio, tracks warped and no MP3.

Does anyone know about this problem? is this a common issue?

if the problem description is not clear figure that if you are seeing the display and tempo is set at 136 and suddenly starts to oscilate 136/137.....136/137... and so on making hard to beatmatch.

It could be that the tracks have a bpm right between two numbers and what you're seeing is the finite jump between the two.

But what do you mean "warped"? You put the tracks in to Disableton then burnt them to CD?
My old Gemini's used to have a ghost finger on the pitch fader :p

They used to oscillate like what you are describing on their own, but it was just at how ty the build quality was :stongue:
maybe its the motor that needs cleaning :)
I see the same problem with USB (mp3 and WAV sources). Not sure why, since I know the recordings I've tested with have a fixed BPM. It may possibly try to recalculate regularly?

I saw this same problem posted on the Pioneer forums, but that was related to the Master Tempo function, and there was a bug fix for it. Didn't work though.

Now, if I run the tracks in Traktor 2.5x with the CDJs or without, they consistently stay at the same BPM.

I have not used Recordbox, possibly using that would set a fixed tempo?
I did have a really weird problem with a CDJ100s a couple of years ago. The ****** just wouldn't keep time. Was doing my head in until I isolated my sudden complete loss of beatmatching to that CDJ.

I thought it was a power issue as it was a UK unit, running off a step up transformer.

Took it to a Pio repair center and it drove them crazy. They tried replacing the transformer inside to a US one but no better. In the end they couldn't pinpoint the issue and had to replace the main controller PCB. They lost money on it as they'd quoted a flat $80 to fix it.

I doubt that it's the same issue though with the cdj200 - I bet you it has something to do with the media, like it's been warped in another program like live or that the sample rate is slightly off or it's an MP3 that was converted to a wav etc.
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