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Faithless - We Come 1 (Pierre Hiver & M Hammer Mix)
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That was a fine peice, I gave it an 8 because I always like Faithless' vocals and the mix worked well with them.
Same here , i don't know why but i love Faithless vocals , they are the best.I can still rememeber when Insomnia came out , it was awesome
This is pretty nice I guess. :) These guys remixed "Deliver Me" by Sister Bliss, which was quite nice too. Perhaps Pierre Hiver & M Hammer are some new remixers to keep an eye on?...
Maxi Jazz sounds nice like this, but when you hear him live, he truely dissappoints. I guess his voice is edited a lot. Good track anyways.
Paul Griffiths 1 they remixed "Deliver Me" because Sister Bliss is a member of Faithless, you probably knew that but ur post suggested u didn't

Anyways peace
Oh I didn't really know that...Interesting.
We come one will be (or is) remixed by Dave Clark and Wookie too (I haven't bothered searching for it, because Dave Clarke remixes aren't my thing). We come 1 should be officially releases on may 28th (where did you get it Swamper?).

Their new album, (Outrospective it's called I believe) will be released on the 11th of june.

Dido (you know, from "Stan" with %A#(*& Eminem) can be heard on the album too. She's Rollo's (<- Faithless member) sister.

some stuff I recently found
I posted up the lyrics somewhere... in a thread far away. good song. ok here u go:

fallen central flavors of my life
ive become bitter seeds and poison leaves with you
you represent whats true
i drain the color from the sky and turn blue without you
you, need arms like a purpose
flapping like a humming bird
im nervous because im the left eye, you're the right
would it not madness to not fight

in you, the song that rights my wrong
in you, the fullness of living
the power to begin again, from right now ...

*ripped by djTS*
Yes great song. Faithless has most of the time good songs.


hmmm yes
they messid this one up with the pitching of the voice to chiptune ;-) but the rest of the song is so <>>
brilliant i don't care hehe
10 :) when are we going to get Dusted to be downloaded 0round this site? (dusted = rollo = faithless member)
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