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Wanted Trance DJ with Superb Mixing Skills
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We are working on a proposal to secure 5 hours of trance airtime on Juice FM 107.6FM in Liverpool for a trance show entitled "Launchpad: Trance Movement". As I am aware, there are plenty of brilliant trance djs out there and many frequent this website.

We are searching for a trance DJ who has the following:

* Experience
* A real passion for trance music
* Can seamlessly mix one tune into the next (even with different bpm) with the perfect beat-matching skills that would make people say "wow, that's good!"
* Whose mixes have the ability to take the listener on a journey?
* Is flexible, can you produce a few example trance mixsets with tunes that we request in a specified order?
* Has a diverse approach to trance - can play both oldskool and modern trance?

Understandably there are a lot of challenging questions here and if you are a yes to all of these then please send me some info in a pm such as an overview and some links to your DJ mixes. This is a great opportunity for any aspiring trance DJ to promote themselves on an FM network. Thanks for reading.
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