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<<<<<<<<???????infinity = Lynx???????>>>>>>>> (pg. 2)
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lynx doesnt sound very much like infinity when he posts anyway.. im usually pretty good at spotting trends, i IM a lot and can tell if my friends are in a bad mood/whatever form just a few lines of messages....... but lynx and infinity have no similar speech patterns. 'sides, why would he reply to his own posts under a differrent alias? check out the "label" post..... he would have to be a SORE loser to go through all that!! and i dont think he is.
More than 2000 + About 1400 = TOOO MUCH for ONE person....

omg i come back on this forum and see this thread!! rofl. you're one funny guy michiel!

lol. in fact...infinity and i are the same person...we have something that's called the split personality disorder (spd). hehehe. wow you guys figured it out....right infinity?

infinty: RIGHT!
lynx: alright now what?
infinity: hmm...keep posting...
ahhh 2 posts in a row by me..
ppl actually had the IDEA to think that infinity = lynx..
have TOO much time on their hands.. (altho we're the ones to speak)
its even gotten to trend of our typing..
hmmmmmmmm i feel kinda flattered.. don't u lynx?
lol this is some funny
Hey guys (read: infinity/lynx) from your reactions I conclude that you think it was me that has come with the theory of you being the same person but that's not true!! Like I said before, I just stick out my neck here and represent the majority of this board coz these are the rumours that go around and people want to have this situation clarified!! I have been receiving private messages and lots of others too from people that think that it would be too big a coincidence if you are two different persons!!
So what I'm saying is that it's just gossip!! but it might be just as well true as hell!! And the rather mysterious reactions from Infinity and Lynx add to the insinuations!

So again I represent the vast majority of this board when I ask, or even beg, you: please clear things up here!!!


Hehe LOL in this thread. Funny funny funny. Hehe.
tis indeed quite funny! :D yes infinity my friend, i am quite flattered by this thread. i'm glad we both share the same reaction to this. hehe. =p
speak for the rest of pplz? hehe..
well i guess all u pplz will forever be shrouded in mystery..
until theres a TA gathering.....
then it'll all be clear....... lol
hehehe there is only one person i believe infin that knows for know who i'm talking about?

hehe.. ... err.. u mean... beany? lol

roflmao!!! two!!

(fin yahoo)
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