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<<<<<<<<???????infinity = Lynx???????>>>>>>>>
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There have been some rumours lately about the identity of lynx and infinity and I thought I might just as well ask it in here so that all of us know the truth.
It is rumoured that infinity has 'set up' lynx as a sort of disguise not to raise the suspicion of him terrorising this forum!?!? As we all know, Infinity is a 'master poster' and it is said that he didn't want people to think that he was a so-called 'loser' because he posted so much and for that reason he has set up a 'second poster' to tackle these insinuations.
When you think about it, it all makes sense: lynx has been registered since march and march was just about the time that infinity reached his magic 1000 posts and people started to 'talk' about this amount. It is not unconceivable that at that point infinity has decided to share some of his posts with this 'second infinity': lynx. This would mean that Infinity has more than 3500 posts and an average of over 60 posts a day. This would also mean that infinity takes up 8 % of this entire board!!!!!!!!!

I speak for all members of this board when I say: FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, INFINITY, PLEASE TELL US THE TRUTH!!!!


heheheee. howd you guys figure it out? infinity is not gonna be happy when he sees this:p
Ehhh... say again?
For God's sake, don't you have anything better to do? :P
omg .. thats the funniest thing i've heard all day..
lol.. omg
me = lynx??
okok fine.. we post a lot... we are both kinda from da same place... lived in da same place... can speak he same language...
but other than that...
well actually.. to tell u da truth..
we are 1 person..
lynx is me..
i made him up... in march.. when i got bored =p
ohhhhhhh wut to believe eh?
the secret will never be known..
wai wai!.. mm ho gong yea ah! =p
Infinity, why are u ashamed that you have more tahn 3500 posts on this board! I don't think that, because of this incredible amount, u are a so-called "loser"! Just keep posting under the name of Infinity, that's a lot easier for all of us!

LoL thats impossible.. no one can have as much posts as infinity and lynx together.. that will make anyone INSANE... oh wait.. maybe infinity did pull it off? ;)
hehehe infinity... they're falling for it!!
lmao... you are talkin .. infinity has never been lynx.. and since when has this been anything to do with music?? >>>moved<<<

Michiel, you're too funny

Hey Michiel this thread doesn't belong here. It belongs in the chill out room
Uhhhhh..... Sorry I thought I was in the music discussion forum. So chill and don't attack me. Sorry.

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