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Vestax PDT 5000 compared to Technics SL1210 mk3 ??
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DJ Ezzian
How good are the Vestax PDT 5000 compared to the Technics SL1210 mk3.
I got 2 of the vestax tt and I am very happy about them, but would like to know if the mk3`s are better.

in the world of high-end turntables, i wouldnt say any of them are "better" than eachother.

the high end vestax and technics decks all have excellent properties.. good torque, build quality, nice features, etc etc... it's really a matter of what you prefer.

i will say, that the 1200 Mk2 and Mk3 are the standard, when you play out you will almost always spin on a SL1200 series deck, and this alone is the reason that I own 1200's. If I never planned on playing outside my house, or always taking my decks with me, I certainly would have went vestax for the features and straight tonearm. pitchbend on a turntable would be badass!

vestax decks are quite badass, dont get me wrong.. i got the chance to spin on the 2000's recently and I enjoyed them. but, i'm used to my technics, and i prefer them for that reason.

DJ Ezzian
I think you missunderstood(is this right?:p ) me, it`s the old modell not the new one(PDX). I think they are the same size (to fit in flightcases). But if anyone know this for sure please repley.

cant tell you for sure, but i would be supprised if they did not fit in a standard flight case.. most tables are pretty much the same dimensions, and this is why you dont see many custom turntable flight cases...
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