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Studio Building Question
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Hello friends,

Basically im building my own studio here at my home and i would like to ask something. Correctly i have - 1 PC, 1 Laptop, HeadPhones and Home theatre system. I just want to know how could i use my laptop in producing music? I usually use my Pc for producing, but i also want to get my laptop into it. Hope you did undestand what i meant.

My Pc has 2 soundcards - One soundcard is my Home Theatre System plugged in. Other one is free.

Laptop has only 1 soundcard and my headphones are plugged in there.

And for connection between 2 computures i use my router.

Cya and Thank you for you responses.
Juan Paulino
Is it the best studio building question?
you will need about 500 000. I would just go ahead and get the floating floors even if that bumps it up past the ****** rich benchmark.
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