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how many of us are actually trying to make it here?
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i get it, that this is a side hobby for most of us, and reasonably so due to the economic circumsrances with trying to pursue music as a full time gig, but how many of you are actually going for it, and dont exactly have a plan b, and see this as ur true calling or whatever? im just interested in hearing stories about people chasin the dream...cus i can respect that, think it takes balls nowadays to go after ur passion, as opposed to falling on a safety net....dont get me wrong tho perfectly fine to be realistic....

I'm not chasing it. If it happens though some bizarre twist of timing, fate and my dashing good looks, then great, otherwise, I'm honestly not fussed.

My situation is a little different though - I made it to the very top in my chosen field (engineering) - actually further than I thought I ever would - and when i got there, I did it for a few years then realised I really didn't want it - at least not that life, and not as something my livelihood and bank balance depended on. I'm happy for it to be a passionate hobby rather than a career.
I wish I could do that with music, however, I am realizing more and more I will almost certainly never be able to support myself doing music. I question if I will ever even earn 100 bucks on it tbh. I am just not gifted at music production.

Luckily, I have always had several goals in life, and i'm better at 1 or 2 things than at music.
Im the next joel zimmerman. i got branding on my asscheek this weekend.

I heard branding was the key to his success so now my time will come anytime soon. Hopefully I can partner up with looney and djryan shortly and together we will be the tranceaddict mafia.
Depends on your definition of "make it". Like RANN, I had a pretty decent music career that lasted about 15 years as a gigging musician and instructor, but obviously not as a superstar musician/producer. My dream was never to become a the next big thing. But, I made a decent living, paid the bills, and paid for my second B.S. and M.S. for a very reliable and relatively high-paying career in the sciences. Yes, even back then when the economy was great, I had a Plan B - you'd be incredibly stupid not to have a backup plan, especially in this economic climate.

I watched many friends with far more talent than you'll hear on the radio just barely miss getting that breakthrough, and many of them are now in their 30s/40s working in music stores, etc. because they didn't have a Plan B. The ones who had a backup plan are doing pretty well. The only one I know who really achieved celebrity status is incredibly charismatic and eventually "made it" through television, not music, although he has been able to use his celebrity status to now turn some attention back to his music.
I'm actively pursuing it. I'm the next Guetta (or Avicii). Will probably annoy everybody with taste with my , but hey the things people do for $$$$$$$ :D
I've had a small taste here and there. Know quite a few people around the Dutch scene and guess I could pull some strings but right now I wouldn't. Even if I did I'm sure it wouldn't help that much hehe.

1. I don't think my music is where it should be (musically).
2. I don't have the skill to constantly bang out tunes to stay in the spotlight.
3. My body can not cope with the DJ lifestyle. I've had some gigs here and there in Europe and it was fun and if a new oppurtunity arises I'll take it. But if it happens too regularly I'm not sure if I could handle it. Flight > Gig > Sleep > Gig > Flight is hard on you.

Right now I'm more focusing on the business-side of things and it is rather interesting :).
I'm like most of you, my idea of making it is just having the ability to stay involved in the scene, making "real tunes", and spinning records. But it seems like I'm a little out of place here in Atlanta and I'm not sure why. When I lived in Florida I had no problem having gigs almost every night of the week and opening up for some big name dj's and most definitely playing in the top clubs around town. Even back home I was in and out of different establishments playing big tunes for decent crowds on very popular nights and I hadn't even been djing for that long. But I most certainly will keep at it not only because I love the music but because I still have legs that want to dance and until they quit on me I'm gonna keep going.
I am trying to make it however I do know that it is a long road. I am slowly getting better and better so I know/hope it will happen eventually.
At the moment I work in a pretty well paid
Job in finance that I'm really good at however I do not love this like I love music.
I'm taking a year off starting in two weeks travelling the world so hopefully my time is soon haha. :)
I hope to have enough success with my music to make a career out of it, I don't really have any intention of being Avicci #2 but moderate enough success to at least have a chance to tour the world would be amazing :)

Originally posted by Seandroid
I hope to have enough success with my music to make a career out of it, I don't really have any intention of being Avicci #2 but moderate enough success to at least have a chance to tour the world would be amazing :)

cool, thats what i am going for,and djryan i think your consistency will take you far. :haha:
Hobbyist here, I am going to be a scientist in the plant genome department. It's even more fun and actually brings food to the table.
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