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Organix St Patricks Day Party / Vancouver / March 16 / 19+
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Jangbu (Overmind, Goatrancemission)
Angel (Organix)
Chris Organix (Phantasm Records, Organix)


DJ Jangbu

Always a keen student of music, Normand Boivin a.k.a DJ Jangbu was born and raised in Laval, a suburban of Montreal, PQ. At 12 years old, he joined his new junior high schoolís radio station program, playing mostly rock from all eras and subgenres. Itís also during these years that he got introduced to the guitar. A few years later, Norm moved on to a much bigger school with a nicer radio studio and an extensive music program. He purchased an electric bass with birthday money and joined several punk rock and ska bands. The summer of his 16th birthday, after graduation, he was introduced to music from famous Montreal psy artists Nuclear Ramjet and now iconic Israeli trance producers Infected Mushroom. From there his taste for electronic music rapidly grew. Norm attended his first rave a few months later and started expanding his goa and trance interest with artists such as Astral Projection, Holyman, Man With No Name, X-Dream, Hallucinogen and countless others. The next summer, he purchased a mixer and turntables and started honing his technique on UK hard house and Euro trance. From 2002 and on, he played various events, including Quebec countryside outdoor festival Hostyn in 2004 and countless nights at underground club Le Chill while maintaining his bi-weekly college radio show. Ever so the enthusiastic contributor to the local electronic music community, Norm also organized many of his own events, including all-nighter Volcano with Torontoís DJ Basilisk. In 2009 he moved to Vancouver to flee the harsh Quebec winter.

Throughout the years, Norm has always stayed close to his psy roots and is proud to serve the most melodic full on psy-trance tunes around under the alias DJ Jangbu. His research for new songs is conscientious; some might even call it obsessive. The end result is a blend of fresh, recent, never-heard-before tracks, some of todayís big hits and the odd classic tune. Norm also spins progressive house under the alias Norman Wells.

Organix Fridays
Club 23 West, 23 West Cordova
$6 cover, free before 10:30, 10-3am
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