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Post your interesting Miami bum stories
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Dream Beamz
I will start with an interesting set of bum stories

My first two days ever in Miami was for PVD at Space December 27th and Candyland at Ice Palace film studios December 28th of 2002

Well, I was dumb and young and just drove to Miami based on a recommendation from to see PVD (first time of course). I got in my car and drove 12 hours to go to club space yet didnt have a GPS or an Address for space. I landed in Miami beach by Alton, stopped at a gas station and there was a nice Miami bum. I told him I needed to know where space was, he offered to show me in exchange for a ride to Space (I guess he needed to get there too, lol)... He got me there, showed me where to park and even guarded my car all night. He was still there when I left space. Good guy, wished they were all like this.

I had a Candyland flyer on my car from PVD at space so I decided to stay for that party. The next night I decided that Miami bums were your friend so I bought two bottles of gin and walked around till I found a "nice looking" bum. Made him a deal that I would give him so liquor to protect my car. Gave him a bottle of gin, went to the show, came out and he was still there. Two cars near mine were broken into but not mine. Who knows if the bum got bored and broke into the other cars but it was not mine so I was happy.

Other than the random bum with the PVD shirt I took a picture of in front of space in 2006 for a PVD show there have been no other weird Miami bum stories for me.

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