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(Van) Lucky (Psanix ElectriX) Dec 9th
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Lucky (Psyanix ElectriX)
Angel (Organix)
Chris (Phantasm Records, Organix)



It all started with saying " wow cool hair" and then "heres a free pass." born and raised in van/burnaby, he first met chris afternoon of 2005 while promoting on granville.and with his ful on personality, lucky has been with us helping out set up and take down the club night week after week and co-promoting and flyer for organix productions. Raised around all sorts of music/musical backround, full of energy none stop, he is a full on psychedelic track him self making the ever ready bunny look like a burnt out battery. starting off by being shown how to cue up a song right at the kick and from there lucky picked up skills of what we call" spinning" very quickly. starting out at an after hours here and there, skills have been developed trumendusly since mid 2005. lucky's first official debute was held at organix productions for the holloween event "goaween" on october 27th 2006, and as well a few other times since.with a unique style of spining lighter psy and then bringing into the mix of some darker psy it's a style thjat works and stuck in to his head and his hands that become one with the decks and mixer. taking whatever idea and expanding capibilites and trying new things at par and pushing them to the limit and making it work.

Organix Fridays
Club 23 West, 23 West Cordova
$6 cover, free before 10:30, 10-3am
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