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Mathias Matthew – Eesome (Summer 2011 Promo)
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Migrashun is pleased to present a brand new double disk promo from Mathias Matthew! This double disk promo is not your average set of mixes. Each disk offers a completely different experience showing the wide range of skills and music diversity that Mathias has to offer. Mathias Matthew has grown over the years to become one of the most technically skilled performers of this generation. Throughout the years he has gained experience working in production, promotion, and performance. Getting his start on the flyer team of Necto in Ann Arbor, Michigan paved the way for many things to come. Since then, we have seen Mathias perform at numerous venues in Detroit including: Bleu Room, The Works, Finite Gallery, DEMF 2004, State Theatre, Centre Street, and Oslo just to name a few. In addition to performing, Mathias also worked on numerous production projects including the likes of Departure (Works Monthly) and Brio. Working with Derek Fox, Brio produced the Drip events which brought a new unique spin to Detroit’s electronic community. Brio used blank canvas venues to emphasize the performers while complimenting the venue with minimal eccentric visuals.

After relocating to Chicago in the fall of 2008, Mathias has played at venues such as Vision, Tini Martini, Victor Hotel, Wax, Smart Bar and other hotspots. He has shared the decks with artists such as James Holden, Jake Fairley, Frankie Bones, John Digweed, DJ Three, John Acquaviva, Pawel, Phirter, Benny Benassi, Lucy, Luke Hess, Ryan Elliot, Paul Oakenfold, Kate Simko just to name a few. In 2008 and 2009 he worked as the Marketing Director of Volatl tm, which has helped him gain knowledge and experience of the industry in all its facets. Moving into 2009 we now see Mathias moving forward with his project labeled “Migrashun”. Over the past year Migrashun has became a force in the EDM scene in Chicago and shows no signs of slowing down. Mathias has now moved into incorporating Ableton and midi controllers into his live performances, playing what some might label a hybrid set of edits, tracks and samples in rapid rotation.

Please feel free to share these mixes with whomever you feel might enjoy them!

DISK 1 ||

DISK 2 ||

DISK 1 || Techno
Bit Rate || 320
Length || 1:19:57

1.Alex Smoke - Paradolia Intro – Soma Records
2.Kate Simko – Monochrome – Hello?Repeat
3.Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Heimat (Robag Turmkolle Rekksmow) - Connaisseur
4.Phonogenic – Artifact D – International Sound Laboratory
5.Nick Hoppner – She Parked Herself – Ostgut ton
6.Lars Wickinger – Killing Joke – Gastspiel Records
7.Dionne – Back On The Planet – Smallville Records
8.Robag Wruhme – Bommsen Boff – Pampa Records
9.Pantha Du Prince – The Right For Romance – Dial Records
10.Wax – 40004 A - Wax
11.Petar Dundov – Tenth Plateau – Music Man Records
12.Heartthrob – In My Room - Minus
13.Davor Ostojic – Transitional Objects – Matrix Records
14.Tin Man – Nonneo – Absurd Recordings
15.Mesak – Stitch Seq (Marcel Dettman Mix) - Klakson
16.Margot – Be A Star – Margot Records
17.Ben Klock – Compression Session 1 – Ostgut Ton
18.Reboot – The Unspoken Word – Cocoon Recordings
19.Alex Smoke – Platitudes – Hum And Haw
20.Beaner – Little Helper 132 – Little Helper
21.Luke Abbott – A Caucus Race – Border Community
22.Andhim – Aleefee – Sunset Handjob
23.Deetron – Dark Matter – Green

DISK 2 || Electronica
Bit Rate || 320
Length || 1:18:41

1.Populous – Breathes The Best – Number of Small Things
2.Emika – Count Backwards (Marcel Dettmann Vocal Edit) – Ninja Tune
3.Lone – The Birds Don’t Fly This High – Magic Wire Recordings
4.Jon Hopkins – Spores - Domino
5.Luke Abbott - Soft Attacks – Border Community
6.Stimming – The Train - Diynamic
7.Daedelus – Tailor Made (Floating Points Mix) – Ninja Tune
8.Marsen Jules Trio – Oeillet Parfait - Kompakt
9.Emika – Count Backwards (Radio Edit) – Ninja Tune
10.The Black Dog – M1 – Soma Records
11.Process – Recognizer – Traum
12.Ghianda – Strumming Colours – Technowagon Recordings
13.Vector Lovers – City Lights From A Train – Soma Records
14.Boards Of Canada – An Eagle In Your Mind – Warp Records
15.Mirko Loko – Altrove - Cadenza
16.Meta.83 – Opening Titles – Liebe Detail
17.Slam - Subject Invisible – Soma Records
18.Sei A – Audio Roots Interlude – Turbo Recordings
19.Space System – Petik – Optimo Music
20.Applescal – Her Foreverness (Umbral Mix) - Traum
21.Pheek - En Legere Suspension - Archipel
22.Ellen Allien – Should We Go Home (John Roberts Mix) – Bpitch Control
23.Sigha – Lights Swells In A Distant Space – Hotflush Records
24.DJ Koze – Gekloppel - Kompakt
25.Atlas – Wooden Hill - Wires
26.Pepe – Midi Guitar – Undercut Forward
27.Perc – Choice – Perc Trax
28.DJ Koze – Bodenweich – Kompakt

What's up man? Long time. Not much going on in the threads anymore, but you KNOW I'm downloading these. Your sets/mixes NEVER cease to amaze me! Thanks again for hosting these!
Dude....WTF? You are a fu@king genius when it comes to your production and programming (as if that's a surprise to any of us). Absolutely blown away by both CDs, and in completely different ways. I really dug the techno CD, and was hooked from the get-go. You hit me out of leftfield with the Electronica CD, but I enjoyed it immensely (and sober!). Excellent, excellent mixes on both ends. You never cease to amaze me. I know I'm not downloading some half-assed mixes when you post. Promoters and fans alike would be insane to not give both of these the proper listen they deserve! Don't stop what you do, I can tell you really put yourself into these mixes.
Thanks a ton for the review mate! Really appreciate you taking the time to listen/post some thoughts!
will definitely check out once i get to a decent internet connection so i can actually download this. also mathias i have this idea that i've been stewing in my brain for weeks now related to production that i'd like to bounce off of you at some point; you technically already have an inadvertent hand in it anyways, sooo.. yeah. will hit you up.
Nice one mate. Hope you enjoy! Yeah def hit me up with your ideas and such. Cheers!
Did you get a chance to check it out Nate? HOLLER
oh i forgot all about it; i posted that pre-hi-speed internet, and now that it's all hooked up at the crib i'll take a gander at it tomorrow on the way to work. we should find some time on the weekend where we can kick it during the afternoon and get some work done, if you feel up to it. give me some time to get my ideas on paper/produced and i'll send you my horrendously ill-thought up ideas.
disc 2 is fantastic. more to say later
Right on mate :) Glad you could dig disk 2. And .
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