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What VST to use for that Bass sound
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The "bass" start at 0:56 .. I got some bass VST but it's bad VST... sounds really bad but i can't find any good VST for making "Trance" bass like that :(

The song sounds amazing too!

Thanks for your help :)
kevin shawn
Giant saw wave with some glide. Alot of reverb and really good mixing. Sound quality of that video is .
Originally posted by kevin shawn
Giant saw wave with some glide. Alot of reverb and really good mixing. Sound quality of that video is .

Thanks i'll try that :D

Haha yea the quality is bad but i think the song isn't "Release" yet so.. :S
Zeus Alvarado
There are many VST's that can make that sound. It depends on how much your willing to spend.

For big bass sounds such as the one provided in the example, Trillian by Spectrasonics has been known to tear up the PA systems ( not literally... well maybe lol). Its about $300, and if your into producing Trance than look into Omnisphere by the same company, really lush pads!

There is also Sylenth1, which is a virtual analog synthesizer. Although pretty basic, 4 osc, 2 filters, mods and LFOs, they are all very high quality. I think it is about $150.

Additional VST you may want to check out is Minimonsta or Arturia Minimoog. I recall reading that the Arturia can create more bite in the bass than the Minimonsta, but Minimonsta can make more sounds due to its unique design.

Massive by NI has also been known to create really great bass sounds, but I have no experience with it so cannot provide much info about.

Hm, im sure there are plenty more awesome synths out there, but these are the best ones that I can think of off the top of my head. If I had to choose a favorite, it would probably be Trillian, but Sylenth def comes a very very close second.

What VST are you using right now?

Good luck on the search :)
Wow i got alot of choices now! xD

I heard alot about Trilian but i was sure it was for "band" bass and not really for Trance/Electro... ;) I'll look on YouTube to see what kind of bass people can make for Trance/Electro maybe that will help me to see if i should get it or not ;)

I got Omnisphere but i just got it few days ago so i'm still newb with it for editing sounds exactly how i want it but that's crazy the numbers of sounds they got! :|

I don't really have Bass VST (Bass only VST) but i'm trying to do it Omnisphere at this moment but i still didn't find out how to make THE bass sounds that i'm looking for. Patience.. thats what i need. xD

I tryed with the 3xosc in FL Studio but it don't really sounds like a Bass ;)
Sylenth1 can make something like that easily.

If your gonna get a VST for bass I personally cant fault The Gforce Minimonster.
I use it in almost every track. Around $200
VST is really broad, you mean which VST instrument. the answer is anything. just learn how to use and design synths really well, and it shouldn't matter which one you use. it does help being super familiar with a certain one that you are using. so just pick one, and go with it. maybe choose the one that has the easiest and most intuitive interface to use.

Besides, one of the major hallmarks of a good bass sound in a track isn't just the instrument itself, it's the processing. So if you want to make good bass synth patches, start learning mixdown, effects and synth design.
Zeus Alvarado
Oh man, if you have Omni than you will be able to use Trillian as a HUGE extension pack, so you can access it through Omni without using more CPU to run both.

Julz also makes a very good point though, Sylenth is very easy to program with, so if you are just starting out and don't know too much about sound design, then Sylenth will be very simple for you to pick up and practice with.

I love synthesizing my bass from scratch (compared to using samples from Trillian) because of the different controls it gives you. I switch it up alot, just depends on what I feel should go into the track.
Ok =P I'll play with Omni and Sylenth1 maybe i'll find how to make the sound i need =P

GoGo Tutorials on YouTube GoGo xD
this is all you need
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