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2010.08.27 [SFL] Richard Durand @ Eden Terrace, Nocturnal, Miami (pg. 5)
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The flying Dutchman has landed!
Enjoy the evening TA's!!! Saw Durand last night at Senso!! He was good was expecting more from him though :( I'm sure he will bring it to Miami!!!
Anyone have the set times???
Had an amazing time last night! I had such a blast djing downstairs opening in the glass room, Richard Durand was great upstairs! Thanks for everyone who came out to support, It means more than anything to me. :)
The bad first. I call them like I see them & last night Nocturnal & the promoters who throw this party ed up big time.

If you advertise, promote & charge people for a party on the terrace that is what they should get. Instead Noc & crew stuck everyone who was there for the TERRACE party in a tiny room (better stated a closet) downstairs until 3 a.m. Worse yet we were surrounded and engulfed by the "ghetto-fab AK-47 carrying hip-hop video wannabee crowd" that was inhabiting the downstairs & upstairs areas outside that closet we were in. So forget about hanging outside that closet unless you had a bullet-proof vest & were armed. Then Durand gets on @ 3:30 and was done by 5:30. WTF is that, a 2-hour set. Complete BS. If they keep this up SVD will be the only & last event I attend there again

Anyways rant done, now on to Durand. Love how he played. IMO this was not an "ISOS" set, much more bangin, upbeat & techy. I knew he was gonna be good when he dropped some insane funky techy remix of Loneliness right at the start. At about the 35 minute mark he started bangin it out majorly, which basically continued until the end of the set with a few melodies thrown in for contrast. It would have been great to hear a 3rd hour from him, but I guess that is too much to ask for from Nocturnal ...
alright... so first and foremost... av1 is 100% on point. secondly... i think ive been more than fair with my reviews about the shows at eden in terms that im not ripping them a new for every little thing that probably isnt a big deal anyway, but im sorry, this time i gotta let it out.

eden is ing amateur hour. its pretty ridiculous. GET YOUR TOGETHER GUYS!

richard durand was ing KILLING it providing so much energy and you guys ruined the show. i guess let me start at the beginning of the night...

got there at about 11:15 to support the openers snay & gin. waited outside for about another 30 mins for really no reason at all. maybe they wanted to look like a south beach club and have a line? i dunno. whatever. if the flyer says doors open at 11, make it 11:10 at the latest. not being open for business only loses you money at the end of the day on alcohol sales and potential customers who want to get in who might go home instead.

so finally got in around 11:40-11:45 i dunno. first ones in and the glass room REEKED of weed. not that i care, hey more power to you, but if thats the reason i was waiting outside while you guys were inside blazing, ehhh, thats not right either. be responsible, blaze on your own time, and realize this a job you're doing and act accordingly.

problem with last night was that it was DEAD until about 1:30-2am. nobody showed up. i guess the crowd has finally figured out you guys wont let us up onto the terrace until basically the headliner is on. the glass room finally started filling up, but we were kept in that sauna for over an hour. at this point i just wanted to bum rush the security guard because that it was hot. i also saw too many people just leaving to go home. yep, awesome job eden guys, more customers you just lost! i wont go into the whole other crowd that was there because av1 hit the nail on the head but for future events please do a better job of keeping the two parties separate.

another small little thing as well while im still on the glass room... buddy of mine got a heineken at one side of the bar and it was $10... on the other side it was $8. come on, charge what you want but keep it consistent.

okay... so finally 3am and they let us up. and what do we want into of course... no music. surprise surprise. okay granted it didnt take an hour like for k&a, more around 10 mins, but thats still incredibly lame. eventually someone came and hooked up a mixer or cdj (i wasnt really paying too much attention) and then the music started. ummm.. please have the proper equipment in every room if you wanna be a real night club. i mean i may be a little out of line here but i think thats just a bit of a necessity. or am i wrong?

so its 3am, theres no music, no opener, and richard durand is already there. he was totally cool about the whole thing and we got some pictures and before the music kicked in, but like i said previously, the headliner is there, in the room, with the club patrons ready to go and there isnt even any music playing? please do yourselves a favor and learn from these mistakes. because like this its pretty obvious why miami doesnt have any trance, and if this keeps up it will only go back to being that way.

okay another tiny thing.. beer downstairs was $8, same upstairs. 2 weeks ago for k&a it was $7 upstairs. sorry but all the little things do add up you know. especially when you add in big things like silence on the dance floor.

so element one finally starts. you know what, i was surprised. played some pretty big room trance in an opening set but the mixing was tight and it created a nice groove. finished after 30 mins and then it was time for durand.

let me say this.. durand ing brought the energy HARD! getting up on the booth! are you kidding me???? dude played insane. the first hour was all high energy stuff. the second hour he slowed it down for a bit playing more isos8 kinda tunes even though the set didnt feel like isos at all. i dunno how many of you noticed but durand wasnt just pressing play, letting the song play for 6 mins, and then mixing out to the next track. no! he was working EVERYTHING all night. he threw in samples left and right all night long. he threw in michael jackson - billy jean i think just as small samples for less than 10-15 secs but did it so beautifully (got the video proof). i looked over at one point and he was adding a second beat on top of what was playing by scratching. okay, not as good as someone like james zabiela could do, but it was ing on point. and a trance dj doing that??? first time ive seen that thats for sure.

its just a freakin shame the dance floor was empty for most of the night. durand brought it and for what? a 40% full dance floor? come on guys. thats just sad.

ive been trying to support these shows, and have been, and will actually continue to do, but like i said, unless you guys get your organization down a bit better, these events will just continue to flop.

also that tv screen is a nice but once again, its amateur hour. not only is it horribly positioned (knew that from the pictures though) but its not even set up properly. its incorrectly aligned and the visuals were horrible. like 2 different videos and 3 or 4 graphics simply dont cut it. and wtf was up with playing a madonna video? like if you're just going to play old school videos then you know what, go get more. go get some 80s like billy idol or even ah-ha - take on me. those are dope videos. not one madonna video played 20 times. you guys would have been better off buying 2 or 3 lcd tvs (hell even cheap ass vizios) and placing them around the booth and running a winamp visualization program on them. defiantly coulda saved a hell of a lot of money. really the only thing the tv did was provide some extra lighting. my videos defiantly didnt come out as dark this time so thanks for that.

and i thought it was horrible how randomly in the middle of durands set the fans just cut off. okay great, not only is it hot enough with the fans on but you go and turn them off because i guess you want to save a little on the electricity bill? they turned back on later but only after some chick complained to security.

anyway... what a shame. such potential and its being wasted. durand brought the energy but it wasnt reciprocated because of how empty it was which i completely blame on the eden guys. this was the best set musically yet but worst show production wise. what a shame.

hopefully it gets better. but ive been saying that since the beginning. thankfully i wont be at f+p because i'll be out of town so i'll get a break but i hope you guys get some of this fixed before svd.

seriously, what is so hard about opening the terrace at a reasonable hour like lets say i dunno 12:30? then having the opener play until 2 and having the headliner start. like any other club does? trance starting at 3:30 almost 4am ummm... what? who in their right mind thinks that really works? especially in a town where trance does not dominate and the majority of the kids going are 18 or younger and pop their beans at 10pm.

its time to reevaluate. please.

regardless of all this i had a good time. durand brought it hard. element one surprised. and of course snay&gin did awesome. i had great company as always and it was a big plus running into some old friends i havent seen in awhile.

videos and pics to come in later posts...
tranceman 23
Sad.Filo & Peri wont put up with nonsense . Shape up Noc.

videos of snay&gin...

durand videos still uploading...

durand videos finally done...

^^shm - one w/ michael jackson - billie jean sample :D

^^born slippy :eyespop: sad that no know knew what it was. :(

enjoy. :)
dj douglas
dam, sorry to hear they pulled that small room stunt is that for? :whip:. why dont they just start the opening djs upstairs........

you know i'd love to hear their explanation for that BS because that will be the only way we can figure out wtf they were trying to accomplish lol. i mean they are bringing some great acts to miami (they seem to know what they are doing booking wise)

glad Durand played well
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