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Coming to israel in 2 days...
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The Vza
I'm coming on a Birthright trip but from what the itinerary says, I'll have some free time to go out.

I honestly don't care if it's trance, house, techno, minimal, whatever. I just want some good venue for EDM.

I'll be in Tel Aviv Thursday night (july 8) and I guess we're going out to the Tel Aviv port? North end of the beach promenade? but if we're allowed to bar hop then I assume i can just take a cab wherever.

And then Tuesday the 13th we'll be in jerusalem.

so if anyone could just point me in teh right direction or let me know if I can catch a sick event that would be grrreeeaatttt thanks
theres gonna be an event on Friday in Tel Aviv, at Charles Clore Park.
around 11am-12am Israel time
you should check it out

hope you'll have fun

also, theres a serious trance party coming up, Cosmic Gate & Rank 1 @ Ha'Oman 17 Tel Aviv 22/7!
gonna be crazy

so if you're interested you better get tickets quickly
its in Hebrew so..
the phone for Tel Aviv will be: 052-3524181
and Jerusalem: 050-7942363
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