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Security and searches
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Forgive me if this has been posted. I searched and came across nothing of the sort.

I wanted to know how hardcore security is as far as searching a person goes. Here in Vegas bouncers never search you no matter where you go. Is it the same in Miami?
Very similar in Miami, from what you've described.

Wrap your Vitamin C and Creatine in toilet paper and put it in your underwear while waiting in line for the club--just to be safe--much better than spending the conference in Miami lockup.

Once you get inside you're in a lawless wonderland... but don't get too carried away.
Originally posted by zealot
Here in Vegas bouncers never search you no matter where you go. Is it the same in Miami?

Pretty much.
Last year was my first WMC and I couldn't believe how much they didn't pat you down. Which is why I'm bringing a trusty ole flask everywhere with me this year.
Good thread. I was actually planning on asking the same questions.

As I plan to bring vodka to most parties :D

Because I hear it's not cheap in the clubs!
out of all the parites i went to last year, the only one i got searched at was sunday school.
downtown clubs almost never search

sobe clubs it's a toss up

be smart where you stash your stuff and have some cash ready in case a bouncer finds something you don't want taken from you ;)
The House Rocka
yeah those plastic flasks come in handy!! 99 cents a pop @ the liquor store in costa mesa. I dont take shots though so I am trying to debate how I can pull off ordering straight cranberrys..... I can maybe tell em I am the D.D!!
from my experiences, its only places that play hip hop that search u....and thats mostly out the window during WMC....never have been searched there
they'll pat you down at ultra. everywhere else you should be safe. but put your stuff in a good spot anyway.

wow I was totally expecting a pat down everywhere . thanks for the tips
Don't get to confident..I had this same additude last year, that you never get searched then show up at A.M. only and realising that they are searching to late. Needless to say they let me go..but I lost my stuff and almost got thrown to the police who were standing about 10 ft away. Luckily they were busy dealing with something else. Better to be safe then sorry.
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