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Vibe Bar Rejects - The Tank Theme (Slippery Sherman Mix)
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Wow, great track! Perfectly paced energy buildup throughout the entier track. I need a track like this to start my sets:thepirate
Busy Child
This song really got too repetitive. Wouldve been a better song if it was maybe 5 mins long instead of 8. Id use it as a filler.
adam who
siiiiiick track!!!! i was listenin 2 this on my walkman earlier on the way to work and started noddin my head like a crazy person. sure its repetetive but so is a lot of techno which i loooove! this track is so simple too, i wish i'd have made it
Acid Junkie
swamper, this track is mislabeled (kind of). i have the vinyl. it's on Smitten (smt rmx) and contains the following tracks:

Hibernate - The Tank Theme EP

A1 The Tank Theme (Vibe Bar Rejects' Slippery Sherman Mix)
B1 The Tank Theme (Hibernate's Original Mix)

btw, vibe bar rejects = d.a.v.e. the drummer + steve smitten

and that's exactly why i bought it :D
i don't listen to techno much but this isn't too terrible. i think it's really waaaay too repetitive. not my style but it's ok, 5/10.
Project T
nice bangin tune dis :)
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