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What does this track need?
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I've been working on a remix track lately and I have the first rough version done. I'm not sure what it needs though, as it is sounding a quite thin in places and a little anti-climactic.

My kicks sound too thin, imo. They get drowned out by the synths, even when volume is maxed for them.

What can I add/change/do to make this track better?

Chipzel - Ultimatly, we just want to be happy (Kage Remix)

well your levels are out,the synth is to loud.
you need to pratice staying at the bottom of the track for a while.
ie work on the kick for a good few hours or so until you are happy.

try some light distort and eq and some compression and make to or three copy paste of the kick so that each one is different but just enough so that you can play them together.

the main riff of your track was very good just to loud in the mix as you were missing some other little parts that make up the track.

like i said pratice the kick and bass placement of the track and build from thier:D
oh and a little hot tip try looking for things/sounds in you tune that has the least or less best sound because most people always go for the best stuff first with out finding some things they need to build up there track;)
needs more 8th notes and movie quotes.

really though, this melody is overused. start again.
hey, i like this. Owien is right, the synth is too loud. it may not clip but in relation to the other sounds in the track and the kick and perc, it is too loud. try even -eq the kick freqs from the synth to allow the kick through. focus on the lows forst maybe, then the highs and then the mids. i really like the hi hats here too. this reminds me of where im at atm with my own tracks. peace
this synth sound is cool (like Inpetto/deadmouse yeah) a monster synth, but a monster synth does not need to eat the mix..

as the friends said, lower the volume of this lead synth, spend more time polishing the low end, percussion, hats (all the foundation of the track)...

remove that delay effect on clap at the start, that effect is not sounding good imo... keep claps clean on this track they will sound better...

also add a bit more of quantization to the synth... only a bit

well, improve the song structure, pre-mastering

I liked the sounding idea

It's your voice? nice voice too

my cents
Hi! I suggest you to take a little look at compression:

You will get a lot more nicer sound :)
I have taken on-board the advice given and changed things around a bit.

I'm not too keen on the main melody, to be honest. But that was the same chords used in the original song.

Here is the new version.
well this is a vast improvement from the last track. and i cant find anything wrong so well done:D :D
Sounds like it gets louder and louder.
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