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What records sound best when backspun? I've tried a few and it doesn't sound too good when I do it.
all you need to find is a track with a very clear kick drum that is short

look at the sound that dumonde has in all their kick drums...they're all long kicks and they usually have a rolling baseline

this isn't good for spin backs

you need a basic beat (clear, short kick - highhats - snare on 2/4 beat)
sometimes it also sound good if there is a bassline

but basically most tracks sound fine for a backspin (assuming you're just using it as a sample, rather than backspinning the live track during a mix) as long as you do it before the melody comes in (i.e. beginning of the track)
ima curious... as to how much damage a backspin will do to the record..?
when u do a spinback during a liveset, do u have to check for a speciel point or something?
Originally posted by DJ-Energy
when u do a spinback during a liveset, do u have to check for a speciel point or something?

well the "default" industry standard (:P) trance backspin occurs when 2 traxx are plating in sync then U backspin at the 3th beat of the bar, and the backspin would last exactly 1 beat before the new bar..
That creates pretty good energy :)

as for traxx to backspin... in my experience traxx with woman vocals dont sound too good when backspinning (backwards chipmunk effect :P)
well then the places with a beat only dont sound too good either.. the effect will be sort of like 'dry'...

anyway the best way to find out traxx that sound good when backspinning is to try :)
Dj Flesch
Would anyone be willing to go through a detailed process of how you backspin?
vinyl is playing, U pull it back with your finger, fast, so it will play backwards for few seconds..
Also, try to do it with 33rpm records rather than 45's. This is because on a 33 the beats are closer together because the record spins slower, so when you pull it back there are more backwards beats in the same amount of time as if you did it with a 45, and it just generally works better.
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