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Phrase matching?
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hey ok when dealing with phrases and stuff which is pretty important for trance mixing im just wondering how do you apply this when you dont know your tracklist ie. your picking up records on the fly maybe reading the crowd how would you know what phrases fit with each other and how to bring them in at where... make any sense? thanx
I just practise and practise, try out different transitions, get to know your tracks well, and you'll find out which tracks fit well together and which don't. (i.e: memnorize certain combinations)

It's not the smartest way to do it I guess, but at least it works
just keep a good memory of your trackarchive and you should be able to remember how the different tracks sound....then just think it in your head and you should be able to hear pretty good how to match them least that's how i do it :)
Dj Flesch
Trance is one of the most predictable types of music out there. This is great for being a dj and/or a dancer because you can predict when parts of the track will happen without ever having heard it before. You'll pick it up eventually, but you need to count beats. Just realize that trance tracks are based on powers of 2. 4 beats, 8 beats, 16 beats, 32 beats and 64 beats all have significance in trance tracks. Listen and count and you'll start to hear changes in the music, repititions after a certain number of beats etc.
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