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Whats wrong with my mixer!?!
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A nightmare... i can no longer mix! Well, I use the PMC 170-A vestax and well i use the phono 1 & 3 using also the cross- faderto mix. Besides my TT on both sides there are speakers that point towards me. Now the situation is when the phono1's tune is playing the sound keeps going silent on the right speaker...the only way to get it back is to put the sound off and slam in back in... that used to work for a while and then it goes silent again... anyone ever experienced this? I've tried changing the needles but it's still there so i moved the whole thing to phono2 and it gets alright but using phono2 means i can't use the cross-fader.. so how do i correct this? Any idea?
What cartridges are you using? If you are using Ortofon Concordes, then it could be those. Take the carts out and wipe the contacts with a Q-tip dipped in alcohol, and do the same with the contacts on the inside of the tonearm. See if this works.

If not, then try cleaning the faders in your mixer. Get one of those eye-dropper things, you know, the thing with a plastic tube with a hole on one end and a rubber bit on the other end, and get a few drops of alcohol in it. Then, dump the alcohol literally into the gap where the slder goes on the mixer. Don't be afraid of dong this; as long as you use proper isopropyl alcohol (not water!) then it won't harm the mixer. Then move the fader up and down fairly vigorously so that the alcohol get rubbed in. This should clean any dirt/grime off the contacts in the fader.
it's not the stylus .. thats confirmed.. i tried using different sets of stylus but the thing still happens.. a mate of mine told me to take it to pieces and give it a good'd be fairly easy to do that as Vestax has removable faders...what do u think?
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