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Hardware vs Technology and software!
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Dj DoomForce
Now,let me ask a question and do not misjudge me!
How come it that with all the new technology stuff and mp3's and mixing programs people still want to use vinyl and hardware like mixers and turntables? I'm not against them,it's just a retorical question..
Can u post the advantages of vinyls and hardware to software?
And the disadvantages?
Well, anyone can get a pc, download a piece of software and start mixing with ease but with vinyl and mixers you need skills to pull it off. Also on the pc you could just download a song and play it and the thrill of hunting down vinyl is gone. Plus there is no way that anyone can mix on a pc as good as on vinyl. Offcoarse it depends on peoples tastes. I love spinning period, but when I spin on vinyl I really enjoy it whereas I can never enjoy mixing on a pc. Offcoarse this is my humble opinion but I am sure many would agree with me.
Dj DoomForce
Yes,fairly said indeed.
Please include why do dj's prefer vinyl to cd's,if not for the hunt!
I mean,should i be a good dj, i'd go for the vinyls for sure, but what makes the so precious?
Standing up for the MP3Js :cool:

Now, I know mixing on TTs is totally differnt than mixing MP3s...not even the same sport. However, there is some technique involved in mixing MP3s. True, you can purchase/download a proggie that mixes for you (AtomixMP3 for example), but you can also learn the ropes using MP3 mixing software. I'm using a proggie that is externally controlled by the Numark DMC-1, very similary layout to a cd mixer. Also, running the 2 channels of MP3s to an external mixer. So, I'm not just clicking stuff, and I have a beatmatched mix. I load a song into the controller, play it, load another one in it, beatmatch it in my 'fones adjusting the pitch of song 2 on the pitch sliders, and then bringing it into the live mix.

So, some skill is involved in this method, it has taken me a long time to get beatmatching down. Don't get me wrong, I'm not comparing this to TT mixing, I wouldn't stand a chance on TTs now, but its taken me quite some time to effectively mix mp3s, and lots of studying (these forums!).

I just wanted to put my $0.02 in for the MP3Js :p

IMO, all that matters is your love for trance/mixing

a) is physical. you can work with it easier, it puts the mind in a better state for creativity
b) doesnt skip when there is 5000 watts of bass close by unlike a CD
c) sounds AWESOME. vynil just has 'the' sound..
d) makes better mixes because of the sound properties of vynil
e) doesnt require a PC, or any real technology... just your creative mind and lotsa skill. and a few mil of vynil. lol
f) is one hell of a show for the people to watch.. after all, you are there to entertain people!
g) all the good choons get pressed to vynil first
h) MP3s have poor quality. pooooooor quality.
i) vynil stays beatmatched more accurately than anything (if you know how to beatmatch right!) [think about the physics of a record vs a CD or computer.. and you'll understand]
j) the grooves in the vynil.. you can see them.. and you know when the breakdown or bassline is coming!
k) hand tricks (scratching, etc etc)

there are more... but these are the ones i care about.

don't get me wrong... MP3 mixing is fun, I did it for about 18 months before I even got my tables - and got quite good at it!

but when you start on vynil, you start to notice all the little things that just make it much more satisfying of an experience, even if just for the challenge. vynil has a unique sound, and no digital form will ever give the warm, bass-bumpin sound of a clean 12" and a sweet needle.

well said, my 2 cents
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