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Days when you can't even Beatmatch!
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Dj Tilo
Arggg!!! Just ed totaly my set....i didn't even get the Beats matched(normally i'm real fast) but today...arg! Somebody of you know these days when nothing is right...forgot to change to Line input...forgot to pump the Mids....moved the faders to fast etc....

Maybe tommorow my skills will be
Happens to me...Normally because I loose touch with the decks for a few days...sometimes I'm on them and I just can't find the track for cueing even after going through the crate a few times... but once I'm back I'm off my feet! :eyespop:
chill bro :cool:

it happens to the best of us :( luckily not to me in a long while :D

what i do is lay off the dekz for a few days :) then when i come back its as if it had never happened :)

im sure to urself you sounded off but your always improving...

wish you the best of luck :)
Acid Circus
Its what is called DJ Block. It hapens in everything you do in life, somedays you just aint as good as usual at something, so a skilled task such as mixing becomes harder. As Liquid has stated everyone has went through it, I bet even the top DJ's have had DJ block before. Liquid is also right in saying lay off it for a few days, it clears your head, and what point is there in practising if you are not enjoying it?

I also find it helps to listen to other DJ's and note how many mistakes they make, I listen to Scotlands top DJ's and note how crap they sound and it makes me feel better about my mixing.

Also, as you progress they should become less frequent and less vicious, I went through a sort of block day today in practise but listening to the tape I only screwed up two mixes in 2 hours (2 too many though), not even major screw ups but mixes I was unhappy with. It just didn't seem as easy and the beats were drifting slightly more than usual. But I know if I leave it tonight I will come back tomorrow and be back to my old self!
Sleeping usually helps me to get rid of it.
It happens to everyone.
If you practice too much, you'll hit a "brick wall."

It's best to take a break for some time and then come back to it later.
Contrary to what someone said above, a few days off the decks can actually HELP you and refresh you.
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