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Question about MP3 mixing software... Atomix& MixMeister
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I need help about mp3 mixing software. I want some software that is easy to use. I plan on using it just to mix a bunch of songs together and then burning them onto a CD. Does any one know if atomix and mixmeister allow use to mix songs together and then to burn them onto a cd?? anyother good programs to recommend?? im not a dj so this is just for personal use.
I like to use Traktor from Native Instruments for computer mixing. It will "record" a .wav file of whatever you do live. You can then use any CD burning program, like Nero, that supports burning .wav to an audio CD format.
i tried winamp cross-fader plugin with .wav writer but it mixes pretty badly, and i haven't figured out how to snip the .wav into shorter tracks... :confused:
What you need is definately mixmeister, you just pour in the songs you want and create a playlist and it mixes the songs together. BTW you can select either normal mixing or beat mixing and I can tell you the beatmixing thing is ing sweet, it does some incredible mixes and you have the freedom to manipulate the mix if you want as well. Very user friendly and you simply press export mix as a wav and it exports it in separate tracks or as a whole piece (whatever you want) and you just burn it on cd.
Try with PCDJ ou Mj-Studio ( with 2 soundcard .... its only 10$ a soundcard)

Atomix is REALLY cheap

1 click and the song are beatmatching.... no fun .....
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