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Lush techno chords
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Anyone have some advice as to how I can create some lush techno chords, a la Funk D'Void? I ing love them and cannot get enough of them

Check out his facebook page and scroll all the way down, then play his remix of 'Blocked In.' I LOVE those sweeping chords. Another example of the sounds I'm after is Conforce - Our Concern (you can find it on Beatport and all the usual players, if you want to preview it).

I'm using Logic 8 with all its standard plugins, plus an FM8. I'd like to know if I can synthesize these sorts of sounds myself with the instruments I already have, or if there are any free/cheap VSTs that can.
check out rob papen's blue softsynth. it has a preset pack called clusters, which sound just like what you're looking for. plus esx24 has some of these similar chords, sadly they're all sampled so they're not very editable to your preference.

but really, check out blue, the example presets in the cluster packs are perfect for what you're looking for, and completely editable.
Yeah I've used all the esx24 chords, but I don't really care for them save for the Hybrid Chord which I've thoroughly whored as much as I can.

I tried the demo version of that Blue synth and it sounded pretty cool, though $199 is a bit steep for me right now.
Here's another good example:
Any old pad with some CamelSpace could probably get you 80% of the way there.
Originally posted by DigiNut
Any old pad with some CamelSpace could probably get you 80% of the way there.


its not really a pad either, imo.

pluck kinda sound w/ higher than normal sustain and attack -> delay -> lfo'd low pass filter.
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