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How long does it take to get good?
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How long, in your experience, does it take for you to develop skills to mix a nice set with no major problems? How often do you need to practice?

I've been practicing a few times a week, and although I'm making a little progress (compared to what I could do months ago), the mixing is still pretty bad...
Great Outdoors
I have read (from these forums, no less) that we should take anything from 6 months to 2 years to get good. I'm a little over 6 months and I still suck. :(

What about the rest? How long did it take for you to finally piece together a decent set of about 60 to 70 minutes with minimal error?
it took me 2 years. However, i started at the end of grade 10 and school is really busy, so i dont really get to practice until the weekend, may be 1 hour during the week.
Acid Circus
The definitive answer, it takes as long as it takes. Thats it!

For me it was around 6 months, I was pretty good after 4 months but had to really sit down and work out a set if it was to work. Now I can just grab 2 records and make a good mix of them, to make a sensational mix you really need to have tried it before and know whats happening with the tunes!

Just practise, practise, practise, keep the faith and you will make it!
It's also a case of natural aptitude.
Some people will become better than others quicker, for no apparent reason.
I someone has an ear for music, and not necessarily in the literal sense (I never liked music as a child), it will be easier for them to progress.

But practice is good, and having someone who is good show you, is better. Picking up and utilising little techniques from others, makes you a unique and better mixer. :)
took me about 2 years to before i could say "Hey Im better then him" :D

yea im still learning though :)
Project T
When I got my dex in November I played on em 4 about 8 hours a day, serious, more on weekends, within 2 months or so, I came 3rd in the TA mix comp 1, I am still improving, but I have bad days and worse days.
i have only been mixing for a bout a week, so i still suck, but sometimes i can get a good mix (i think :P). i find that beatmatching is so much easier if you just rock the cued record back an forth over the kick in time with the playing record. then i just adjust pitch a bit, maybe nudge record, and usually it sounds medicore. but i still have to work on making the mixes cleaner, so they don't sound so bad, even tho the beats are sorta in line with each other.

my friend has been mixing for about 3 months, and all he does is fiddle with pitch, and he can do some amzing transitions.

we should have a n00b dj party or thing. that would kickass
Originally posted by DJ LIQUID
took me about 2 years to before i could say "Hey Im better then him" :D

same here, lol.
I've said it before, when I started mixing I didn't give one of my mixes to any of my friends until over a year after I started. When you are really new, you don't need other people to notice your mistakes. Just record it and you will hear them when listening. I get kind of angry when someone sends me his "first mix ever" and wants me to analyze it. It's always crap....
Great Outdoors
Originally posted by Project T
When I got my dex in November I played on em 4 about 8 hours a day

Man that's farking insane! :rolleyes:

i am back in the forums peeps. Answering the question just adding my info so that you can get the average. I started 7 or so months ago and i am going good. You just need to take your time getting it right. I have this mate who has been going for way longer than me, he tries to go too quick, and i haven't heard one mix that he hasn't stuffed up in. And when i say mix i don't mean 1 mistake per set, one change. Yeah i deffinatly reckon you should take your time. You will get better faster that way. =) i can do sets now and only make minute mistakes. But yeah...
Project T
Originally posted by Great Outdoors
Man that's farking insane! :rolleyes:

If u enjoy it, why worry :)

BTW, wb Voidet :D
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