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Rank Your Top Parties.
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Thought this would be interesting to see where people ranked their WMC events next to each other. No need to go too deep. I'm thinking 3 to 5 should be good. Here's mine:

1) Sasha & Digweed Yacht - this overtakes armada for me because of how unique the experience was.

2) Armada @ Parkwest - I really wish there weren't problems outside so that more people could have experienced this. Armin's enthusiasm alone would have gotten this on my list, not to mention Markus for 5 hours!!

3) PVD @ Space - The man himself laid it down proper. If I could have physically handeled a little more of Sander on the Terrace, this might have risen a spot for me.

4) A&B @ Nocturnal - Weird setup and only 2/3 of the group kept this from being better. Still a terrific night!

5) Saw party @ Shine - Audiofly ripped it and Satoshi Tommeii brought the house down. This was the perfect first night of WMC for me.
Deep dish @ space on Saturday. Was dancing for 6 hours straight before I made it to the terrace! Pete tong on the terrace was wayyyyy better than I expected. Pleasant surprise. Only saw like 5 min of sultan cuz i was jammin so hard to deep dish downstairs :p :p :eek:
All the parties I went to were great this year, luckily. But here is my top 2 list in order:

1) PVD & Sander K @ Space. Words cannot describe how incredible this night was, if U were there U know, if U were not, oh well. The set PVD dropped & vibe in that room reminded me of when he used to play the old Space in 2000 - 2002. The little I saw of Sander K was better than anyone else I saw on the terrace between Wednesday & Friday

2) Thursday @ Space. SVD had the set of the night, dropped it techy, hard & nasty just how I like it. Easily played his best set @ Space as of yet. Corsten started too soft, but only because it was after SVD as he played the same style as in his Trance Energy set which most people enjoyed. But the contrast was noticeable and he should've started harder IMO. Still was good and luckily he played 4 hours, picked it up and completely redeemed himself big time in the last 2.5 hours when he did bang it out properly. The terrace that night was on fire, with Prydz showing he belongs on the terrace more regularly. Although I did not stick around for Guetta, many people have told me he was good also

Honorable mention: Markus Schulz @ Armada Night. I say this with nothing but respect 4 the other DJs there that night, but this party should have been named "Markus Night" IMO
1) Hope Recordings... overall vibe, set programming
2) Lawler @ Parkwest... dark and dirty
3) Howells @ Set... 3 hours of bangers back to back
1. The Odyssey - Ghostly International Yacht Party
2. Sunday School

from what I heard from friends who stayed longer than me, I think Cheap Sunglasses would've been #1
Originally posted by beema
1. The Odyssey - Ghostly International Yacht Party

from what I heard from friends who stayed longer than me, I think Cheap Sunglasses would've been #1

Did Richie play there?
Originally posted by llavoe
Did Richie play that?

he didn't play either of those
was just hangin out
oh I heard he was on the boat from someone.
Richie was on the boat and partying with people...

its really hard to say which event did it for me...ok im bullting

any event that starts with "my name is david guetta and i will be your dj for the next hrs" wins it for me...only dj that thru down federico franchis cream and freeek like me...he went into some electro for 2 hrs then some trance tracks mixed with tribal...he did it all perfect i saw an hr and a half of prydz who KILLED it...i mena ripped a new one...def sent chills down my spine


1) guetta/prydz
2) odysssey boat party Par & Matthew Layed it down
3) patch park & sander k (i prefered patch park) (btw pvd rocke dit...i have and will always say hes overrated...but when he came he was feelign it in the booth -- i really like him when he plays harder)

worth a mention nikki beachs welcoem to miami party was really gd...chris lake/tiefschwarz did bangin job & sci tec party was really gd and the electro at the mstrkrft/boysnoize/ficherspooner was super good...i loved morillo too but my friends kinda got tired of him (i didnt)

big disappointment was the lawler party and sos event at pawnshop...i showed up at both of these expecting soemthing more...and was let down by poor attendance and crappy layout...maybe lawler got better

i mean i went to 15 or 20 parties during the week and i could point out goods and bads with all of them

but DG ROCKED ROCKED ROCKED THE SPACE or no fan...everyone was dancing

and best song i ever heard durign conference came form richies set at was a track that went bum bum bummmmm bum bum bummmmm...the beat was so simple but so different...i loved it
1) SOS Tikki Party - The vibe, the experience, the music, all top notch. Listed really brought it with all their parties this year.

2) Steve Bug Tikki Party - Lee Burridge showed up at the last second dressed in drag. My friends started passing out fake mustaches and even got the captain of the boat wearing one. That pretty much sums up the vibe at this party. Bug was top notch as always.

3) Kompakt @ Pawnshop - Ewan Pearson played a good opening set, Gui Boratto blew up, and Radio Slave leveled it. Couldnt stay for Konrad Black unfortunately as I had to get to the Tikki boat. I cannot say enough good things about Radio Slave though - one of my sets of the conference for sure.

4) Dare to Open @ Love Hate - Got to see Phil K for the first time ever and was blown away. Opencloud brought it for 3 more hours after.

Drumcode, Sex On Wax/Canada, and the Tuesday Proton party were also great. A little disappointed with the Hope party on Saturday actually, but seeing Jody in the lounge was the redeeming set of the night. I don't think I really like Shine too much.

1. Armada@Parkwest - got to hear every song i wanted to hear.. lots of room to dance ( met the girl of my dreams!!!)

2. Anjunabeats@Nocturnal - first time hearing above&beyond.. wish i had more kick and bounce in my step to keep goin..

3. Mau5trap@B.E.D. - hearing all 4 djs play all at once was astonishing ( i think it was four) tommy lee was insane!

...would have more but had very low budget --- i guess ultra would count as my fourth but thats not really a party (festival)

next time.. plan to buy at least 10 tix to parties!!
1.Sander @ Shine w/ Patch and Dekay
2.Sander @ SPACE
3.Sueat Lounge with Yousef!!!ZOMG, Nic and Layo and Bushwack
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