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Who blew you away? Who Dissapointed? (pg. 3)
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Originally posted by frogman777
The good: Ferry Corsten @ Ultra (!!!), Above and Beyond @ Nocturnal, Prydz, PVD @ Ultra (Didn't think I would like his live set as much as I did), BT @ Ultra

The not so good: Really not much although I think Underworld @ Ultra should've been on in the afternoon or something, just not enough energy considering the sets around them.
agree about BT.....some of those insane!!!
i also agree about Underworld.....i left after 10 minutes....
beema - do you know most of / any of what Radioslave played this weekend? there was this track saturday night that seemed to go on forever that went beep-beep-beep-beep... lol i know that doesn't help much but I was too out of it to remember much else. But it was...captivating.
"Toolroom Knights - Shlomi Aber ing killed it, dropped Emannuelle - Parade, place went bonkers. D.Ramirez was great, dropped Butch - Mushroom Man, loved it on a top notch system. Mark Knight was also great."
+9,999 Shlomi also dropped Radioslave-Grindhouse (Dubfire Planet Terror Mix) and i thought the place was going to fall apart, amazing party, surprisingly the best party I went to. The place was rocking till 5:30 am. Mark Knight pulled the train horn so much they turned it off hahaha p.s. this miamitrance04 hahaha
I did the whole ultra thing


Heard the last half of Junkie XL and he blew me away! All the tracks were amazing.

Went off to catch Crystal Method and Kevens were on, the worst music iv ever heard in my life. That was just mindblowing awful...i mean, REALLLLLLLY BAD!

Anyways, TCM comes on and tore it up. I was surprised because last time I saw them their beatmatching was atrocious and track selection was ok at best. But they threw down some awesome tracks and mixed them well. The one poor moment was when the Rogue Elements remix of Bad Ass was about to drop, Ken threw the fader over into a lame electro track that had zero energy to it. IT TOTALLY THREW EVERYONE OFF...people just stood around talking to each other. I've never seen anything like that before...the energy was just GONE. They picked it up after that moment, and I saw Scott having a chat to Ken about that moment. All was rockin a few min later.

After the set, I went to the main stage and caught some Prydz. I know a lot of people were into it, but I was kinda 'meh' about it. Plus he trainwrecked hardcore at one point, which threw off the groove. Mistakes happen, but I never really was into it anyways.

Justice came on and RIPPED MY FACE OFF. It was a party during their set, wow! Fun tracks and sweet mixing. When they mixed out of Smack My Bitch Up into the Beastie Boys, I just stood there stunned...the transition was A JOKE! INCREDIBLE!

I hit up MSTRKRFT after that, which was really cool and fun as well. I was hoping to finish it off with Digitalism, but after waiting 30 min I gave up and went to see Tiesto. I know, I know...risky, and im not really a fan, but i figured what the hell. I actually enjoyed it myself, was surprised. A lot of people here disagree, but I had was better than waiting for Digitalism.

Friday was a BLAST!


Arrived right before Corsten came on. He was awesome like always, but I had literally just seen him 2 days ago, so I was like, well, I've seen this before. But my friends couldn't make it to the show I went to earlier, so they were pumped. Armin was next, and he really bored me. Even when the tempo picked up, it was that typical fluffy trance. I grabbed a bite to eat while my friends partied. We left before the end of his set to rest up before Moby.

Moby came on and was crazy - running around acting like a goon etc. It was fun to watch, and the music was really good, but I was really tired from the previous days so i decided to go over to the breaks stage and rest on the grass listening to Stanton Warriors. My friends joined me shortly after.

Stanton Warriors were cool, did their usual sound...I liked it. Hybrid came on next and played a special decade set, classics to celebrate the 10 yr ultra party. It was nice to hear the classic Hybrid sound, especially since they like to drop lame electro tracks in their dj sets. Since it was all Hybrid stuff, I was really happy.

Everyone really wanted to see Underworld after that, and I was PISSED because of the timeslot configuration, having Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes right after during Underworld. I really wanted to see both, and decided to catch Meat Katie to see what he would do and decide from there. HE CAME OUT SWINGING!!! Man, he can really rock it! I was very impressed, but a bit later, I heard some more electroy tracks appearing in his set, and though they were still cool, I decided to use that as a hint to go catch Underworld.

Got to Underworld when they were playing Born Slippy. That was cool, and then they did some other stuff, but really, it wasn't blowing me a way. Just a couple of guys starring at computers while the other guy runs around singing a bit. There wasnt anything being done to the tracks to really make it sound like a crazy, unique live session. I just kept waiting to hear Cowgirl, but it never happened :(

Ran back to the breaks stage and caught 2 more tracks from Meat Katie, which were outrageous - so I was pissed at myself for leaving. Was a little disappointed Dylan Rhymes never showed, but oh well.

Hyper and General Midi were next, while PVD was setting up on the main stage. MIDI never showed either, but Hyper was rocking it! Classic hyper sound, and it was awesome! But I had to see PVD, so I could only catch 30 min of Hyper - sadness.

PVD was cool, I wasn't BLOWN AWAY or anything, but it was nice. I had a good time throughout his set.

Saturday was a lot of fun, tough to decide which day was better. It's nice that everyone I went to see threw it down, minus missing a bit of Meat Katie for Underworld. I had a great time this year at Ultra!
i did remember prydz wrecking.....for like 10 seconds before he finally killed the track!!......kevens...was that the reggae group? HORRID!!!!

deadmau5 was cool at ultra main stage....that video was sick!
what time did he play at? I totally could've hit that up :whip: :whip: :whip:
Although, the only reason I originally wanted to goto that party was for Eulberg, so maybe I'm glad I didn't. That's scary if he has tinnitus.

I didn't get to see Radio Slave all conference. Pretty sad about that, he's one of my faves. Totally blew me away when I saw him for the first time in '07 and now he's blown up even more.

RPR and Argy were all no shows at Sunday School because they couldn't get Visas. I was really sad when I found this out. They were the main reason I was so excited for conference this year. I also heard Samuel L Session was deported b/c he had no visa (he was supposed to play a couple parties). People really need to get their sorted with that before getting these bookings hyped up...
Also of note, Mr. C was absent this WMC (I heard he was undergoing surgery?) so the SSFD lineup was completely changed.
I really enjoyed Buttrich's set, dunno what you guys are on about. Guy Gerber is what put me to sleep. He has like 2 good tracks, after they were played I was done but he kept going on for another hour... :o
Beyer & Mull tag team was good, but I had already seen them for longer sets at the Drumcode party. They played it pretty soft at SSFD, especially for Beyer. Sebo K blew everyone out of the water techno-wise.

My two biggest regrets of the week were 1. being too tired to stay at Cheap Sunglasses past noon, and 2. not taking a picture with the Villalobos look-alike. hehehe
Originally posted by knittybone
Pete Tong/Annie Mac - Thought Tong was going to let others DJ, so wrong, dude wouldnt shut up either. Annie Mac should just retire.

Tong talks because it's his radio show, same with Annie. Next time don't go to a recording of their radio shows lol. What did you expect?

The terrace for Sander was pretty lame this year as well. Sound problems in the booth, the sound guy got ejected from the booth after his set, crowd took forever to get into it, and Patch Park was boring as hell, thank God Sander got on at 4. 2 more hours of Patch Park would have been murder. Trent should have opened for him instead. Sander even left without saying a proper goodbye. He was not a happy camper at all, and his set showed it. Vibe was still good and people had fun because it is one of the best things to do at the WMC.
see i liked patch parks set..maybe bc i knew the sound he has going into was eveyrthing i expected...

sander isn't the most pleasant dj...the mood in that club got on my nerves at times (especially this one prick...i got bumped while i ahd my ciggarette...and i said immediately im sorry its kinda crowded...i keep walking and i feel an bump and my ciggarette is out...i go up to the guy and say are you serious...i said sorry...what a ign baby...some blonde douche bag)

but despite that i had a lot of fun...i loved the beginign of his set more then when it got light out bc at taht point parites became a i had been at space for 3 parties ina row and had no sleep after any of them so i was starting to blur which day it was...

i agree with beema too about hawtin @ nocturnal...i wa sinto it..but i lost interest around i jetted to space for prydz/guetta...i still liked it...but i wasnt gonna waste my time while prydz was on

space had some sick parties...

btw marco v tore uo terrace before morillo came on...loved loved loved him
Originally posted by raven848

Sasha and Three at The Grass Lounge were good but having technical probs and nowhere near as good as Hyde Park in Feb.

what sound problems? What time did that start happening?
Dirty South suck


tuesday at mansion: boys noize and mstrkrft, mmmmmmmmm

SOS at canada loves miami at the shelbourne. super good, those boys rocked it hard and kept me going.

friday at ultra: the justice was ok. some really good tunes followed by crap. mstrkrft killed it once again. mmmm.

friday AM one night only: marco v, atv, sander: all blew my mind, freaking awesome. best night of the week by far


ultra in general. sure it was huge, but that was about it... and the drum and bass right in the middle of the place? i had to hear that everytime i walked to another stage. skibbidibbi be baab ba dibbidy shut the up to all 46 mc's on the mic, nobody cares.

moby. what the hell. mediocre dj dropping tunes from all over. wheres your head at and some 666 club crap from like 8 years ago. huge dissapointment. i was hoping for him to play his music, not be some lame dj.

underworld. wow. what a waste of space. sure they have been around for 60 years raving since day 1, but really, they suck now so who cares. and dont stop everytime the track is done and get on the mic, keep the ing music going.


crystal method, hybrid...dammit i wanted to see them. anyone catch them?

ultra was a little too much. wayyy to much going on and i wasnt really into anything. like a few people had said before, the clubs were where the real parties were.

the worst was getting conned on my condo from a 'lily rodriguez' or whatever she was calling herself, i hear a few people got the same treatment as me. we finally heard from her a half hour before we were supposed to meet her at the condo and she made up some story about her being in an accident and she cant rent it to us and to get a hotel. you ing slut. i wish her story was true and she was hanging by a thread on life now possibly being out 1200, and barely making it home with the flight cancellations in minneapolis and having the worst treatment from an airline ever (dont ever fly north west, dont even argue with me if you have had a good flight with them cause i dont care)

i dont think i'll be going back. i'll spend my money and head overseas to another festival and see how they rock it in the uk.
Originally posted by TranceNation1
Dirty South suck

haha. i saw him for 2 minutes dropping some boring electro and everyone screaming. i turned to the gf and said 'these people are easily amused', we laughed and left.
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