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I Love Miami!!!
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the unknown
So we did the Juicy beach party, Nick Terranova ed it up nice, Mark Knight was good, Rivera pumped up and Sander didnt disappoint!! God bless the females for wearing next to nothing out there...i love you for it =)

Anjunabeats was next....ANDY MOOR IS MY HERO!!! I couldnt have asked for more...well, maybe if he had played Cover Edge by Brisker and Magitman, but you cant win them all...Above and Beyond...lets just say after sitting down at around 3am because my feet hurt and I just didnt think they could take anymore, they got me right back up dancing my ass off until they stopped at 5..there was so much energy in there still...thanks to whoever the guys were I was hanging with, their energy kept me going

We only stayed for the 1st hour of Super 8 and tab...and Im pissed off we had to friends need to man the up, this is winter music conference

alright, today = Ultra + AM Only...CANT WAIT!!!
Sounds like a sickkk party
I would've stayed to watch Super8 & Tab...they probably just took it over the top
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