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Review: Sasha & Digweed @ Mansion
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Got in around 10-1030. There was already a few people there. Way more then you would get at Tribe at 10 that is for sure.

Not sure who the first dj was though.

Digweed ended up getting on around 1AM. Worst part is they started setting out Sasha's stuff around 12:30-40, and by 1 they took his stuff off until like 2:40, guess they were having problems with the MAVEN. I don't even think they fix the problem, seeing where I was standing, it looked like he was using just a normal mixer.

The sound system at MANSION awesome.

Not sure how I can describe the venue. Its like Stereo meets Metropolis I guess a-la Pacha.

I should have brought my camera ARGH. I e-mail the people who run Mansion (Opium Group) and they were like, we do not allow cameras, that a lie! I saw at least 2 dozen people with cameras last night.

One thing I do not understand over here. Restaurants are non-smoking, but at clubs you are allowed :wtf: I did not even notice that at Park West the night before until someone brought it up.

Anyways. Digweed played some pretty nice tunes. Probably from Transitions 4 and what not. Sasha is Sasha, can't say nothing more or nothing less.

Plus lets see spoke to Zabiela for a few seconds. Fanciulli was next to him, but didn't say hi LOL

In about 30 something hours from now I see them again at UMF :D

Oh yah by the time J.D got on the place was pretty much packed. I just found out they have a capacity for 1500 people. One thing the crowd reacted pretty well. Some people coming upto me asking what time they would be on at. Honestly of all people to ask, why me?
What was their sound like? Was it dark? Driving? Did it have any trancey elements to it? What did they close with? Can you compare the set to anything? From your review it sounds like the set was nothing mindblowing.
oh man. oh man oh man. Sasha, needs to destroy his maven and keep playing cdjs. He definitely gained back my respect. Got there around 1130ish. I forgot who opened up but he was playing some great music.

Tunes I remember him play were

Dangly Panther(Joris Voorn Mix)
Kaliber feat. Elodie-Is This For Love(Nic Fanciulli Mix)

Digweed came on and was playing some progressive(not neccessarily house but progressive in general). Really awesome build. Sasha came back on around 3:15ish and just started destroying. From 3:15-5:00 a.m it was pure bliss. BOth of them were dropping insane ass i.d.'s after i.d's.
One of the i.d's had some sort of rolling snare and bassline that danny howells dropped the night before as well. That was the track of WMC imo.

Some of the other tracks I remember were

Joris Voorn-Blank(Deetron mix)
Underworld-Beautiful Burnout(Mark Knight mix)
Thom Yorke-Eraser(insane ass i.d. mix)
Park It in the Shade(I believe it just had samples in it but it might
have been a remix)
He played that insane Pryda new i.d.

Some insane ass vocal i.d. that had even sasha making weird faces lol.

Great ing night. These two bastards definitely lived up to their name. I guess 07 mus thave sucked or something b/c this year was ing amazing. Nothing was going to stop me from having fun that night. Not even that idiot bouncer that looked like ing Samoa Joe.
There is only no smoking in places that serve food :toocool:
Originally posted by DiegoParra32

He played that insane Pryda new i.d.

which one?
the one from that vid you posted the other day in another subforum. the one with trancey elements lol. at least it sounded exactly like it.
Diggers also played that new Booka Shade track
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