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The song you're thinking about RIGHT NOW
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moogwai-viola(armin van buuren remix)

just popped out of my head...great song too

I'm sure you tranceaddicts have songs floating in your heads like I do..ALL THE TIME

Sister Sister by Sister Bliss

It's been in my head since last night.

Josh Wink - "So How's Your Evening So Far"

....heard this ages ago and whenever I hear it again it lingers in my head for days..
komodo (megavoices classix)
FRAGMA - Everytime you need me

Brings back memories (although this record didn't exist then) of summer ;-)

Breathe trance - live trance - think trance
you're creepin' me out here. That Wink track is what I'm listening to right this very second as I'm reading your post. Oh yeah, that was also my other choice for what's stuck in my head today... it's just that I've stuck on Sister Sister right now. Damn Ferry Corsten - system F - Trance Nation 4... too many good songs... not enough time.

Believe it or not I couldn't get Scatman out of my head, remember that song from way back, whuz wrong with me!!!

For the longest time tho I couldn't get Scorchio out of my head which is a little weird because I usually have more uplifting songs playing in my head..

I also have this song a lot in my head, Caught Me Running from Jaime and Kenny D.. if you listen to it you'll think poor insecure Furee!!


Nu Shooz 'I can't wait'
Sarah McLachlan - Sweet Surrender Tiesto Remix.
Although I've slagged it off elsewhere in the forum I just can't stop playing it!

It could have been so much better though and I just hope Airscape/Johan get hold of it!


Thanks everyone for your input, todays a new day and so a new song...

far and away by aida!


damn can't anyone take the time to just post a name and artist lets do this people...

Naimee Coleman - Love Song (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
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