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Question about PVD
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84th Ave.
With the up coming party I was just wondering how nobody has even mentioned the fact that PVD has turned really mainstream, or in other words 'selling out'...

I mean yes Tiesto is the biggest mainstream EDM DJ there is, extremly selling out (geez he has his own shoe!) and everyone is on his ass, however when PVD does a production like:

Britney Spears - Gimme More (Paul van Dyk Remix) nobody seems to care...


...sorry, bored and there is no action in the MTL forum :toothless
Does not paying attention to trance all together count?

Doing a Britney Spears remix doenst mean you sold out..its the way you do it that counts.

I havent heard the remix myself, and I couldnt care less about it, so I cannot say...If its the usual (crappy) PVD sound, then he hasnt really sold out

If its popped-out, mainstream-ready-to-listen remix which does notreally fit his usual style, well, maybe he sold out, maybe he wants to take the mainstream course completely

James Holden two Britney Spears remixes (dub and mix) and a Madonna remix. He did them his own way, and couldnt even get the Spears remix released (her label didnt want to release it).

That is not selling out
84th Ave.
That's the difference between Holden and PVD

Holden you can't even tell it was a Britney Spears song, its dark, ect...

PVD took the same elements (the pop sound) and made into an extended remix pretty much
hey !

I'm a huge fan.. I really think PvD's contribution to EDM is massive; and I always like his live sets... looking forward to friday !

His old CD's, like Out there and back, are epic.

Now, it's true I found his latest CD, In Between, more commercial... but I think that's maybe where Trance is right now. He's not alone, Tiesto, AvB, Oakenfold (remixes U2, etc.)... I guess the old days are gone now and that Trance went (mostly) massive couple years ago; and that DJ's have to follow that trend if they want to continue doing what they like, PvD included... but for me, it does'nt take away what he did for the past 10-15 years; and he stll throws good parties; for all that, he still have my support :)
britney spears - breathe (jacques lu cont mix)....check it.
where can i find a sample
There's that site called Google. It allows you to search stuff on the internet.

Maybe you've heard of it ?
that's a pretty snobby concept of music if remixing a mainstream song automatically means you've 'sold out'
Na its just the underground fans want everything to stay underground)

stef your attempt at hate has failed lol *makes u listen to force of gravity on repeat*
Dj Nacht
PVD isnt the pioneer he used to be. Hes retired from being a pioneer a long time ago. :D
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