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Photos: Yoji Biomehanika @ ageHA (Tokyo, Japan) 6/15/07
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It's 8 AM and I need sleep!

The first of two club nights. I am going to try to do a gallery every day, so my days off before I come back might be some photo tours of places like Akihabara and Ginza.

I will also be doing a daily blog...first one up tomorrow with my first experience in Tokyo and Akihabara.

By the way, this girls' shirt says "I WANNA YOU" :haha: I tried to get a pic of the shirt, but she got shy and thought I wanted to take a pic of her by herself...scared her off, haha.
awesome pics! how was the sound? :eyes: :eyespop: :crazy:

dude... that club looks pretty sick...

you see how the amps are installed in all the speaker boxes above...

very creative...
Party looks SICK...

Yoji = the Marilyn Manson of EDM :nervous:
That sound system looks in tight.. hopefully it sounded it
Nice one :) Tell me all about ur trip when you get back!
Miss Julia
Do people there do the fob sway dance (washing machines), or is that just in LA?

(edit) Wow, after looking at all those pics, i noticed a huge difference in the crowd between LA and Tokyo. In Tokyo, people actually SMILE in pics (especially the girls), rather than making those fake model wanna-be faces where their lips are sticking out... and i don't see huge fake boobs the size of basketballs.
They like giving the peace sign alot. Versus all the middle fingers in LA.
Originally posted by Andrieux
They like giving the peace sign alot. Versus all the middle fingers in LA.

Hahaha, it doesn't mean peace there. It's a victory sign there. And yeah, it happens a lot, lol.

It's been almost two years since I've been back in Tokyo. Had to take a break from TGS last year because of Devin being born. Hope I can go back this year. Luckily it's the weekend before lovefest!

And thank goodness TGS has TWO business days this year!!!

I love me some Tokyo! Amazing beef bowls, crazy ass drinks, and cheap ass cigarettes lol.

Awesome pics Drew!

sweetcandy girl
Wow!!!:eyes: Amazing Pictures!!!

That place was PACKED!!!!
no washing machines. :D just some pushy people sometimes, but it's like everywhere, no?

hope you have fun at Womb, I love that place. should be pretty crazy, they love James.

Speaking of shirts, there was an ad in the local fashion magazine for a shirt that says " You Informer." ??

Oh, and I just read your blog. So have you tried this yet? :D
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