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What to say to GIRLS... (pg. 2)
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You actually answered my questions/problems!! LoL

Mucho thankage goes to you :)

Your realy sure about me not complimenting them on how beautifull they are??

Thankz for the help m8.. cant wait for the weekend LoL
Originally posted by Henkie_henk
Your realy sure about me not complimenting them on how beautifull they are??

Thankz for the help m8.. cant wait for the weekend LoL

Yes. The more beautiful the girl is, the more often she has heard all compliments and some anyone can think of. Just don't do it. Real players never compliment coz they have had sex which MUCH better looking girls they are now talking to ;) Be cool, it'll pay off :)

When r u coming out with a book? I agree with most of ur advice but I think ur leaving out one important thing.

I believe that you should hit on girls who r in ur own class (beauty wise that is). Its not often that u see an average guy with an awesome looking girl. I'm not saying it cant happen because looks arent everything. But I compare it to the Lottery, sure u cant win if u dont play but ur chances are pretty low.

Lets do a role reversal. If an unattactive girl comes up to you. Do you think it matter what she talks to you about? If ur interested in a friendship looks dont matter but it sounds like u want something more. What im saying doesnt sound politically correct but its the truth.

I'd like the opinion of the ladies out there.
Hey you marry me?

All you guys, listen to him, he knows what's up!

Be cool, act yourself. I know I can spot an act from a mile away! I do agree on the beautiful part to some extent. complements are good, but only in moderation and the suttle ones are the best. Be clever in your complements, and origional.
One more thing...I do believe there are limits as to who you can approach, but you never know unless you try. Just reciently a guy approached me that I normally wouldn't consider dating. We dated for a while, it was his words and personality that got things started, he became cuter to me as I got to know him.:)
hmmm this subject is very interesting
First of all I think in order to even break the ice you must do one important thing.......
To get a girls attention you have to ignore her
girls love attention and they dont usually go for the guy that drools all over their clothes and gets their gum stuck in their hair or better yet makes them hard of hearing...
This is what you should do

See a pretty girl look at her and smile....then look away and keep doing what you were doing
If she saw you smile at her and she smiled back you are in
move closer and dance close to her but dont make it obvious.
keep your cool and distance and at the same time let her know with the occasional eye contact that you know she is there..
She will either get sick of this game or start talking to you so you have to becareful she doesnt pick the first choice....
Once you start talking to her say the regular stuff...just like the others have mentioned......hi, how is your evening so far, DJ's , Sets, etc......
then take a break and leave for a moment " Make sure you say to her that you will be back in a few minutes "
then leave and come back if she is there still that probably means she doesnt think you are gross and you may have a shot....
start talking again and this time talk about something more than just the party
ask her about her fun life with respect to raving or whatever.....DO NOT at anytime compliment her especially if she is hot......chances are she has heard it all and you dont want to be like all the others she has talked want to make her feel like you are not directly trying to pick her about the not so obvious....her sense of humour for example or her cool carying back pack......whatever....just stay away from the usuall nice eyes, smile, , ass ( joke )

Now if you have a not so attractive beauty queen maybe you can read her character and tell she needs compliments to boost her self esteem....again you have to decide for yourself.....
So In conclusion the steps are
1) Look
2) smile
3) wait
4) move closer but keep distance
5) talk about basics
6) leave and come back
7) if she is there when you return you are in
8) stay away from compliments
9) chances are some if not most nice girls dont like giving their numbers out to strangers so if things are going great at the end of the night
offer to give her yours and dont ask for hers unless she gives it to you
If she excepts your number and things were going great the whole night then chances are she will offer her number in return for your

Last but not least be a gentleman.......later man and have fun and dont expect too much because most of the time the best things in life come your way when you least expect it.......
Thats exactly how it goes!! lol:) Well said pepi!
ESPECIALLY # 9, thats the one that gets to me, offer it instead of asking.
Originally posted by Sugarbean
Hey you marry me?

Hey honey, things are kinda busy but take a number and I'll get back to you ASAP... no seriously ;) after seeing your picture in the other thread (+ you like Beam & Yanou) I might consider giving you a VIP pass to get rid of the queue of the other panting chicks LOL.


peace - love - unity - respect
Originally posted by mindbender

I might consider giving you a VIP pass to get rid of the queue of the other panting chicks LOL.

LOL! panting
... most of the tips here have been pretty good... I have one that is the absolute 100% sure-fire way of getting her impressed with you as well as her friends... Worked 6 out of 6 times...

... but there's no way I'll ever post it on a public forum :)

Check out this url for a laugh

your link was broken.

Check out this, its how 2 get laid online.
i dunno who this "tranceboy" is but to me it looks like he just mirrored the original layguide ( and made it look like his own work... that and he added some wierd about penis enlargement & viagra lol

heres another mirror of the free layguide:

btw respect for the tips... im taking note of them, but im ugly as swamper's avatar so i dunno.. hehe jokes
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