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Layering Video & Audio
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Ive been trying to solve the problem of what to watch on TV at parties while listening to music. Im going to try and make a DVD of one of my sets with various videos that Ive collected that dont require sound layered over it(snowboarding, parkour, funny stuff of me and my mates...)
A bit like what DVJs use but for an entire set.

Has anyone tried anything like this before? What did you use and did it work out?

Cheers for any info,
Allied Nations
The latest version of mixmeister and Ableton Live allow you to add video components. I scored a video for my Digital Film class on Ableton last semester.
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Nice one mate, that video is ed up. Really well done though. Cheers
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Originally posted by Muggaz
Nice one mate, that video is ed up. Really well done though. Cheers


No worries. The video editing facilities in Ableton are still pretty rudimentary and I would reccomend doing anything intense on a proper program like Final Cut Pro, but if you just need to add sound to video, It's a solid option. I can only wait and see what Ableton 7 brings us :)
just play japanese tv game shows!
If you're just combining audio and video, you could try Virtualdub ( Just make sure you set encoding parameters (direct stream copy _may_ work) properly, or you'll end up with a huge file.
What was that Justice track in the video?

Bah. "waters of nazareth" DUHH!
Sleep is in order.
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