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champions league
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nice match today, liverpool really surprised me by winning roma 3-0! all italians eliminated then..

manchester united, bayern munchen, barcelona, liverpool and real madrid have already made it to the top8, deportivo almost certainly..
my guesses for the last two teams are panathinaikos (altho theyll have to play real madrid, but a draw is good enough for them.) and arsenal, since juventus probably wont be fielding their top team tomorrow..

3 english teams, 3 spanish teams, 1 german and 1 greek.. who will win? i'm betting on real..
last game i got a chance to see was real madrid vs. barcelona i think they tied 1-1 correct?
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Liverpool beat Roma 2 - 0
And Galatasaray lost and are out :confused: :confused:
If they drew, they would of made history, but not losing a game and not going through...

Good Luck to the rest of the teams, still coupls of games to go on tonight.
wtf is happening to Italian football, this is the third year in a row that there's been no Italian teams through to the quarter finals, or something like that, with the players they have in their league all three clubs should really be getting through, oh yeh and English football rulez :stongue: especially if Arsenal get through which they probably won't :rolleyes:
:( Arsenal is out:(

I'm sad.
Sir. Lunchalot
Originally posted by tenor

3 english teams, 3 spanish teams, 1 german and 1 greek.. who will win? i'm betting on real..

Make that 2 german teams since Leverkusen beat la Coruna 3:1 and finishes first in their group!:D

So it`s

Bayern München
Manchester United
FC Barcelona
Real Madrid
Panathinaikios Athen
Bayer Leverkusen
Deportivo La Coruna

for the quarter final!

3 Spanish, 2 English, 2 German and 1 Greek. No team from Italy made it to the quarter final again....very disapointing if you think of all the great players that play for italien teams...
I must admit that Spain has had the most talented league for some time now. It really shows for the quarter finals.

Was it two years ago where there were 3 spanish teams in the semi-final?

I'm glad Galatasaray is out and I hope the Mancs lose embarrassingly.
All I can say is LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL LIVERPOOL!!!!!!!!! I hate Roma... espcially with that lil bitch Batistuta haha. Bring on the quarterfinals.
lfc 0wnage :)
the most successfull club in britain are on their way for an 5th European Champion's Cup. COUNTER ATTACKING football rocks...suck and too bad if your club cant beat Liverpool when L'Pool play counter attack hahahahaha

Litmannen held up 5meters from the corner of the penalty area..oppurtunity for liverpool...the free kick is swung in from the left hand side..Heskey's up for it....GOOOOAAAALLL!!!!
HA HA to all those who say we are a boring side.Man U sure didnt get into he quarters at there first attempt in the champions league!
Watch out..we havent lost away from home in Europe for two years.Brinh home the cup!!!!!
King of Clubs
Liverpool plays the worst football I have ever seen... If you havent got any sympathies towards LFC Its not entertaining to watch them at all.. Maybe Houlliers return will have some sort of positive effect on their game, something has to be done...

Real is my bet to win the tournament as well btw...
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