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Love Lee Review
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holy mother of god lee burridge KILLED it! well let's start at the beginning. i get there at 10 and akio is throwing down a nice deep house set to set the vibe. i thought it was a great opening set. next up is scott carrelli vs spesh, WOW, so many massive IDs one after another, i eagerly await the full recording from the night! then there's lee burridge, simply phenomenal, he played a completely different set from the sasha fundacion i was at earlier this year, not as dark but just as electro-laced beat-ridden proggy beats. lee will be playing 3 more sets here: the parade, an afterparty at anu lounge, and an afterafterparty at the end up. i recommend checking it out if you haven't heard him yet....
I'm still too worn out/coming down from the night to really post anything except this:

Thank you, Lee Burridge, for the absolute best time I could possibly ask for on my first night out in San Francisco.

a few tracks I recognized, can't remember the names except that his second-to-last song was Furry Phreaks - Soothe (chicane mix) :eyes: :eyes: :eyes:

i'll post more later if i feel like it, can't wait to hear if it was recorded. DEFINITELY go see Lee if you missed this one, go see him again if you were there.
It wasn't as busy as last year (I pin that largely on numerous pre-parties happening in the city while last year it was pretty much the only one!), but the fun was still great! I came in like a zombie and left a smiling zombie.

Glad just to see peeps having fun like that.
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